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The versatility of the camming industry is so wide with several fetishes and adult cam games. As such, there are so many things you can do other than just getting a cam girl to show you how well she can be intimate.  After all, the internet is all about giving you the luxury to be whoever you want to be and that carries over to your fantasies. So, no matter what fantasies you might have to do with someone online, at ePlay you can find the perfect model you can role play with. Below we discuss the top 10 role-playing adult cam games.

1. Naughty Doctor

One of the most common fantasies in adult cam games you can play is a naughty doctor or nurse. In this role-playing scene, they act as medical personnel giving you direction on what you should do. This can be a particularly interesting game to play if you have a fetish for medical personnel.

2. Playing a Cop

Another fantasy game you can play in a cam sex show is playing a cop. The thought of being questioned by a cop, especially a female cop is a major turn-on for many viewers. Hence, cam girls often dress up as a cop and in a cam-to-cam sex show interrogates the viewers in a seductive way.

3. Job Interview

If you have ever been in a job interview with a hot interviewer, you’d understand why some people will want to get naughty with one. If you have this fantasy, you can role play it with a cam girl model where she plays either the boss doing an online job interview or you can reverse the roles.

4. Sexy Secretary

Another adult cam game you can role play with a model is a sexy secretary. Oftentimes, the model takes the role of the secretary, and truth be told, they are quite great at it. Participating in this cam sex show is often very fun as you can tell her to dress up a certain way after all you are her boss.

5. Headmistress and Pupil

A popular one again is playing school teacher or headmistress and pupil. This particular role-playing game is great for those who’d like the model to be very seductive with them. Anyone can assume the role of the teacher. But most times, the models like to perform as the student, where the viewers will ask the model to perhaps do something to herself like maybe bend seductively as punishment for being naughty.

6. Wife/Husband on a Trip

Viewers who would like to pretend for a brief moment they are married would enjoy role-playing as a wife or husband to the model. In this role-playing game, you both pretend to be married, but one is on a long-distance trip, so you can’t be together right now. So, the game often starts with random questions you would normally ask a spouse like “How was your day?” and so on. And gradually, it can proceed to have a sexual adventure.

7. Blackmail

Another popular fantasy some people often ask and would like to act on is the feeling of having domination over someone in the form of blackmail. In this game, the blackmail isn’t about anything real in particular. However, if the model acts as the blackmailer, the viewer will act submissive because of the leverage the model has over him.

8. Seducing a Nun

Another intense game you can play with a cam girl is trying to seduce her dressed up as a nun. At first, she will play hard to get as she resists your seductive moves to sway her. Later on, she can start acting like she is beginning to fall for it by rubbing herself, then start to undress, letting you see her bra, stockings, and everything else can take off from there.

9. Online Shop Assistant

Another very popular adult cam game you’d find several models doing online is acting as an assistant online. In this cam sex show, you can both pretend to be in a clothing store. So, you can ask the cam girl to model a few dresses for you before you make a purchase. And to make things spicy, she could seductively change in front of you.

10. Mistress and Slave

This is one of the most intense adult cam games you can try out. This game is particularly great for those who enjoy controlling or being dominated. In this game, you can either act as an inferior male or domineer. In either case, it will be a lot of fun as you degrade her or she dominates you.

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