Top Benefits of Pelvic Floor Therapy



Have you ever heard of pelvic floor therapy? Pelvic floor therapy works to strengthen the pelvic floor through certain exercises like Kegels. If you need a strong pelvic floor, are struggling with issues like urinary incontinence, or simply want to improve your overall health, read on to learn more about the incredible benefits of pelvic floor therapy.

Improve Digestion

Believe it or not, the pelvic floor muscles are integral to digestion. These muscles hold everything in place, so if they’re not working properly, it can lead to digestive disorders like constipation and bloating. Kegel exercises can help improve muscle function for better bowel movements and fewer digestive issues. If you’ve been struggling with constipation regularly, talk to your doctor about referring you to a pelvic floor specialist.

Promote Better Sleeping Habits

Another benefit of regular pelvic floor therapy is improved sleeping habits. Having good sleeping habits is extremely important to your overall health. It’s hard to be productive, get ahead at work, or even handle daily activities when you’re not getting enough sleep.

If you’re not sleeping properly and feel that you’ve tried it all, consider trying pelvic floor therapy for yourself. Pairing aerobic workouts with pelvic floor exercises will help your body decompress enough to let you get a good night’s rest.

Treat Urinary Incontinence

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for storing and releasing urine and helping with bowel movements. If you experience urinary incontinence, your pelvic floor may be too weak to support these functions effectively. This is a fairly common postpartum symptom, so if you’re a new mom, you might want to put some thought into this. Pelvic floor therapy is one method of regaining muscle strength in these areas.

By using Kegel exercises or another form of treatment, you can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The benefits of this form of pelvic floor therapy include preventing incontinence and having more control over bladder function. With the help of regular Kegels, say goodbye to leaking while laughing or coughing and eliminate any self-consciousness about bathroom trips.

Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Pelvic floor therapy can reduce and even eliminate menstrual cramps by relaxing and loosening the tight and tender muscles in your lower abdomen. Certain exercises can help to improve circulation and digestion, soothe chronic pain, and reduce stress. All of these factors contribute to a healthy reproductive system. If you’re tired of waiting for those pain pills to kick in before taking on the rest of your day during your period, try pelvic floor therapy instead. One of the best aspects of this therapy is that it will teach you how to do your exercises from home. This means you can utilize the strategies you learned for years to come.

Pelvic floor therapy can offer relief from symptoms related to digestion, insomnia, age-related conditions, menstrual pain, and more. Keep these benefits in mind as you learn more about the power of pelvic floor therapy. Evaluate your personal situation to determine if it would be a beneficial treatment for you.


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