Ways to Spend Time With Your Friends Without Going Out



Getting together with friends is important for our emotional well-being, especially during difficult times. Getting together with others right now might take some planning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great time with friends without going out. Most activities just take a bit of extra thought to keep the fun alive while social distancing, and not going out.

Have a Movie Night Without Going Out

Get out the popcorn, queue up a movie that everyone can watch together, and get the group together on a conference call. By setting up a watch party, everyone can watch the same flick simultaneously, and you will only have to pause one screen when someone needs to run to the bathroom. When the weather starts to get warmer, you can have a socially distanced movie night outside. Set up a projector and screen and set chairs up six feet apart. You will still be able to physically be together with low risk. 

Have a Wine Tasting

You will need to plan this one to allow for delivery times. Each person can choose a favorite bottle of wine for everyone to try, or you can use a wine club to choose your bottles for you as long as everyone has the same ones to try. May companies offer cork and canvas classes online if you want to take things a step further. These classes provide you with a painting to copy, supplies, and an instructor to help with techniques. 

Eat at Your Favorite Restaurant

Do you and your friends have a restaurant where you normally meet for a meal to catch up? Try this instead: have everyone order delivery or takeout from that restaurant, then set up a video conference to chat while you eat your favorite dishes. It will be just like meeting in person at the restaurant, except you won’t have to wait for a beverage refill. Likewise, you can still eat together but everyone can choose their own restaurant to get takeout from. This will accommodate everyone’s unique tastes. 

Have a Trivia Night Without Going Out

Without going out, your group can have an online trivia night using your computers or game consoles if everyone has the same system type. Enable chat features so everyone can be competitive and have fun. If you want to change up trivia night to include other games, you could opt for virtual charades or online board games instead. Up the stakes by having everyone pitch in for a prize and let the winner take all. You can combine this activity with a wine night or eating your favorite takeout. 

Don’t let social distancing keep you from getting much-needed social interaction right now. There are many ways you can still enjoy time together with your friends, but if you are looking for a new group of friends to enjoy these activities with, the American Psychological Association has some ideas on how to make new friends. Set up an activity with your friends for one of the upcoming weekends and still feel like you’re getting your social fix, even without going out. 


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