Need a Date Night? 4 Types of Virtual Events for You and Your Spouse To Attend



Since going out for a date may be off limits due to COVID-19, you’ll probably want to stay in. In fact, you can stay home and go out at the same time by attending virtual events. This means you both can be safe and have fun together. Here are four types of virtual events for your spouse to attend if you need some entertainment right now. 

1. Visit a Museum

While you may not be able to head to a museum in person, you can attend one virtually. For instance, you can tour the Louvre, see the NASA exhibit at the National Women’s History Museum, or go somewhere else. Check local museums near you to see if they are currently offering virtual tours as well in order to support your community. You can even wear your pajamas, and just get away from it all as a couple during this date night. 

2. Watch an Artist Perform

Almost nothing is more exciting or romantic than watching famous artists perform for a date. You can watch someone you both admire to make the night extra special. Allow your living room to set the stage for artists like John Legend, Lizzo, Adam Lambert or Justine Bieber, or choose a local musician. You can easily find live performances of your favorite artists on YouTube. You can even find quality records of full concerts if you want the full experience. If you love the arts, another option to consider for entertainment is storytelling. Virtual comedy shows can give you a good laugh if you need it as well. 

3. Have a Game Night

You know the future has finally arrived when you find out board games have gone virtual. If board games typically bore you, jump on the virtual event train for more excitement. Play the game of Life and get real, join Clue for an exciting murder mystery, or have a virtual battle with Risk, Battleship or Settlers. Playing board games is also an exceptional way to challenge each other, exercise your brains and laugh at each other’s misfortunes. Find some game apps you can play with your couple friends too if you want a virtual group date. 

4. Take a Trip Together

With the rise of virtual events, you have the option to take a long walk on a virtual beach without leaving your home. You can use Google Maps to take a walk through your old neighborhood together. Additionally, you can go on global adventures by walking through Yellowstone, viewing the terracotta warriors in China, or head somewhere else that sounds like fun. No matter what happens, commit to positivity and just have fun.

Staying home can be a great way to spend meaningful time together. Other ideas for virtual events to attend include stand-up comedy shows, taking a class, hosting a trivia night, and more. Best of all, you can get creative to make your date night at home romantic. For example, you can take a poetry class, and write a poem for your sweetheart.


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