Why Acne Is Bad for Your Physical and Emotional Health



We all are well aware that acne sucks, and no one likes having it. It’s the bane of your existence and the thing that makes you avoid leaving the house, which can really mess with your self-confidence. But did you know that your acne has the ability to drastically affect your entire body and mind? Everyone thinks acne is just about a bunch of pimples showing up on your face. It can have some physical effects, like pain and damage to the skin, but it can also impact your overall mental health.

What Is Acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that causes pimples and blackheads, usually on the face. Acne is caused by the clogging of hair follicles with oil and dead skin cells. It can leave a person feeling stressed out, embarrassed, and self-conscious.

How Acne Can Affect Your Physical Health

Acne can cause unwanted physical changes on the face and body. These include acne scars, skin discoloration, skin tightening, etc.

Acne Scars

This is an accumulation of dead skin cells and oil beneath the surface of the skin – which can be caused by severe acne, picking at pimples, or using harsh facial scrub products.

Skin Discoloration

This is usually present on the forehead and cheeks – caused by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH. This happens when your skin has a higher concentration of melanin, the pigment responsible for tanning and for giving your skin its color. PIH occurs as a result of inflammation and is common in people with acne.

Skin Tightness

Skin tightness causes pores to appear larger because they are stretched out over raised scars (atrophic scars) caused by severe acne. The tightness can also cause a loss of elasticity in your skin (photoaging) which can leave you with lines.

How Acne Can Affect Your Physical Health

Acne affects your self-esteem, which can cause low self-confidence and low self-worth in severe cases. If you’re suffering from persistent breakouts, you’re likely to feel unhappy about how you look and may even withdraw from social situations.

The stress of dealing with acne, both physically and mentally, can have a negative impact on your mental health. Acne sufferers are more likely to suffer from sadness and anxiety as a result of their ongoing concern over their skin. Acne can lead to feelings of isolation, as many people suffering from it are afraid others will judge them for their appearance. This isolation can lead to further depression and anxiety, as well as a lack of self-care because you feel like no one cares about you anyway.

Conclusively, if you’re struggling with acne, there are ways to get rid of it. There are more skin rejuvenation treatments and medications available now than ever before, and they’re a lot more effective than they used to be. You don’t have to stay stuck with acne forever, and chances are you don’t want to. So if you’re ready to say “goodbye” to acne, it’s time to talk to your dermatologist about getting rid of your acne for good.


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