Saying Goodbye to Toxic Relationships



To the one who calls me names. To the one who bullies me and others. To the one who has a dark side filled with negativity. To the one who secretly envies and hates the inner beauty that exudes from my very being and through the beings of others. To the one who doesn’t learn from past mistakes and unfortunately, repeats them again, and again. To the one who hurts others and believes in an eye for two eyes. To the one who causes pain, and finds the bad in people and the wrong in situations, instead of the good. To the one who judges others and feels the need to put them down, in order to lift themselves up to feel better. To the one who takes their stress out on others. To the one who feels jealous of anything and everything, and feels insecure from fear of losing the good in their life. To the one who says that they want certain things in life, but only creates misery for themselves through their self destructive words, actions, and choices. To the one who lives without fear of anything, even G-d. Especially G-d. It’s time to say goodbye to toxic relationships for good.


To you I say this. Be at peace. And be the so called “LOVE” that you claim to be. But be that without me in your life, without me by your side, and without me to abuse or take for granted. If you want to shed love and light, do so. But do so, not only when it’s convenient or while having motives of filling in an empty space in your life. An empty hole of loneliness. You are not here to fix others. But remember, they are not here to fix you either. I am imperfect, and I embrace that every single day. Though I reach towards being better than I was yesterday. I am flawed, imperfect, and I have issues just like everyone else. But I acknowledge them, and I work on them, instead of playing the victim. Kindness is a BIG part of being “love.” And part of kindness, is being kind to ALL others, and as “The Good Book” says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


I am not a shadow of you, nor do I desire to be anything like you. I am proud of my past, my present, and feel confident and content with where I am in my life, despite that you’ve tried to project your misery unto me. During difficult times, they told me that “cream rises to the top,” and I hope that one day you rise and become more of the person who you proclaim to be. Be that love that you speak of and appreciate what you have in your life while you have it. Soul search until you can actually see the light. Surround yourself with good people, but only after you recognize your areas which need improvement. Start to see beauty not only in nature, in newborns, and in what you desire in life. But try to see the beauty in everything, everyone, and in all who are different.

Losing a friend can be harder than losing a comfortable relationship. Especially, when two people had shared so much and spent a good deal of time together. But this time, two days of tears is all I gave. I am free. I am happy. And I strive to be good and better. I now let you go for good—to be you, and to hopefully improve you, and become whole. I wish you love, blessings, and not all that you want in life, but only all of the good things that you want in life. I wish that you’ll learn not to hurt others as you have done to me… and to others. I wish that you’ll learn to only open the door to situations when you should open it, and not to walk into situations where you don’t belong. I wish for you to find peace and happiness alone and to find someone who will love you how you’ll love them. I wish you only good. Goodbye my friend, goodbye. And now I will go on my journey, turn negativity into positivity, and continue taking another baby step towards light, love, and enlightenment.


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4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Toxic Relationships

  1. Bravo! Bravo Anne!! Excellent usual.
    I think that I will take it “: ) Shalom

    And mazal tov Nicole. Way to go!

  2. I’ve been on this end. Now I am married to my best friend, coming up on 6 years of marriage. He’s still my best friend. You are right about everything in this blog post. Negativity will rule out love every time. That’s how nasty it is.

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