5 Design Ideas for Your Master Bedroom



Everyone wants to go to sleep in a calming space and wake up in an area that radiates positive vibes that spread throughout the day. That is why your master bedroom should be your sanctuary. It needs to be your ideal refuge from the hustle and bustle of life. That is a lot of pressure to put on a room, and yourself, if you are not sure of what you want. That is why you should peer over this list of five master bedroom design suggestions.

1. Try an Accent Wall

You are probably looking for a paint shade that is tranquil and soothing in the evening so you will easily fall asleep. However, there is something to be said about a bright, invigorating hue that will get you up and on your way each morning. But, how can you have the best of both worlds in just one room?

You can add an extra splash of color by creating an accent wall. An accent wall is one wall in the room which you choose to paint a different color than the rest. It can be a brighter or darker version of the primary shade, or it can be a different color entirely. For example, turquoise and lavender make a lovely match. You can also create an accent wall using wallpaper for added visual interest.

2. Add an Adjoining Master Bathroom

What good is the privacy of a master bedroom if you still have to share a bathroom with the kids, guests, and the rest of the family? If you don’t already have a master bathroom, install the proper plumbing and section off an area of the bedroom to create a private area for bathing, showering, and getting ready in the morning. It adds both convenience and a sense of luxury to the space.

3. Consider a Tufted Headboard

A tufted headboard is upholstered, but it is not just for extra comfort. By being held together with tufts, or button-like configurations, they are a snap to clean and maintain. They are all the rage right now and, as the focal point of the bedroom, they can either match the décor or offer a brilliant contrast. Some even have beautiful, eye-catching prints and patterns.

4. Feature Fashion-Forward Carpeting

Are you overjoyed that carpet is making its way back to prominence? Remember that floors are just as important as walls in the grand scheme of things. So, choose this now-desirable option that is sure to match and complement your overall design. If you don’t want to commit to carpet, you can use large area rugs instead that can be changed out when your style changes over time.

5. Accessorize Your Space

Try choosing stylish odds and ends to complete the look of your master bedroom. Vases, candles, decorative frames with pictures of loved ones, and other small details make a space personal. Place artwork on the walls and throw pillows on the bed or chairs and fancy bureau scarves on your dressers. Of course, the style and color scheme should match the basic pieces in the room, as well as the walls and flooring. You don’t want everything to appear jumbled, mismatched, and confusing.

There are many things that you can do to create the master bedroom of your dreams. Consider these ideas and decide whether or not they fit in with your vision of the perfect resting spot.


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