5 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong


Everyone who’s in a relationship wants it to be strong, stable, and filled with smiles. But not everyone is willing or even aware of what it takes to keep it strong. Many people work so hard to just get someone to like them or even be with them for that matter. And don’t get me wrong, because no one should really have to try all that hard to get someone to like them. But I think you get the picture. It takes effort early on. The problem is that many people stop trying, let go, and completely stop putting the same amount of effort into their partner as far as giving, doing sweet gestures, and basically, just going out of their way for their partner once they’ve gotten past the early dating period.

The longer that you’re with someone, the more attention you should be giving, and the more effort you should be putting into things for that person. But a lot of times, people do the opposite, and like I said, they stop putting a lot of effort, and it’s almost as if they’re rolling over, and feel that it’s time to relax because either the challenge is gone or because they simply get too comfortable. Now, although having good comfort level is a great thing, when people put less effort and love into their partner and their relationship, things usually take a turn for the worse.

This article isn’t for everyone, because some people understand the importance of following through, and of maintaining the love, the fire, passion, and the all around happiness in their relationship, and they’ll do so the longer that they’re with someone. When people go about maintaining their relationship with more love over time, and more effort, their partner and their relationship will thrive. You see, you get what you give in relationships. And the more that you give, the ore that you end up with a happy partner who will likely want to give back in some way. At least, when they’re a loving, caring, warm, and selfless partner who appreciates you (like they should).

Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong:

1. Focus on what you have.

When couples focus on what they have, instead of on what they lack, simply put, it keeps the happiness alive in their relationship. It brings more appreciation for one another, in all aspects of your relationship, and even in your life. Many times, couples get too comfortable, and then they start complaining about the little things that really have very little importance in the bigger picture.

Make sure that you both focus on all of the good things that you have, and on all that you share with one another. And try to make time to reminisce about the good times that you’ve shared together. As well, always put a little extra effort  into things so that you and your partner have the opportunity to create more good times, than bad times. But even if you have hectic and busy schedules, take the time to be thankful and appreciative of what you have in life. Remember, the glass is always half full.

2. Focus on giving, rather than receiving.

Don’t think about what you’re lacking or what your partner isn’t doing for you, but think about what they are doing. And in the process, give, give, and give, and be as selfless, nurturing, loving , and supportive as you possibly can. Go out of your way for one another. They say that a couple who focuses on giving rather than receiving is a happy one. Be that couple, and show your partner how much you love them by being selfless instead of selfish.


3. Show your partner how much you value and appreciate them.

Show each other how much you love and adore one another through your words, actions, and even by doing sweet gestures and things ‘just because.’ Effort costs nothing, so be willing to put a lot of effort into what you do for one another. Offer to help out if you think your partner would appreciate it. And don’t always wait for your partner to ask you for something, be willing to initiate, by offering or suggesting ways that you might be able to help them. 

When you value and truly appreciate your partner, make sure they know it by never doing things to hurt them. Never risk losing something that you value, and that includes your loved ones. So think about how you act, what you say, and how you say things, because when you’re kind in your approach, in your words, and in your actions, your partner will always feel more loved and appreciated. Last, but not least, be gracious, appreciative, and say thank you.

4. Make time for romance.

Keep the fire alive my friends. Be spicy, sexy, and open to loving your partner in a way that they will feel loved. Make the time for closeness and intimacy. Don’t ever get too busy or consumed with all other areas of your life that closeness or intimacy take a backseat and get treated as anything less than a priority. Remember, everyone needs closeness and a certain amount of love, attention, and affection. Try new things, be spontaneous, open-minded, and explore one another’s innermost desires, and learn what they are by making the tie to communicate (see below). As well, make a date night at least once a week.

5. Maintain great communication.

Part of having great communication is being a great listening, and not letting yourselves get to the point where you feel the need to tune out one another. Be each other’s backbone when in need and in good times as well. Be best friends, and share with one another on a close and deep level. Working on building great communication, but be willing to maintain it for the long haul, and that takes effort, honesty, trust, and being open book.

Here’s an extra bonus…

All of the above all requires two things. The first thing, is that you need to be willing to put effort into everything. And the second things is that you both need to make the time for each other. Everything in life that is valuable to you should be treated as a priority. Treat your partner with love, respect, and appreciation. Show one another how much you love them and care by being willing to do what it takes to make each other happy, and to keep your relationship strong.

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