The Power of Having a Blank, Clean Slate


One of the most important factors when it comes to having a healthy and happy relationship is that it be built upon trust. For those that are unaware, trust and honesty go hand-in-hand. If you’re not in a place where you feel that you can trust a partner in life, then you’re not in a place that you should be dating.

If you have wounds from previous relationships where someone was dishonest to you or even if you’ve been cheated on, etc., then you need to deal with those wounds, heal from them, and get to the point of knowing that not everyone cheats and is dishonest. You need to come to a realization that just because your previous relationship didn’t work out because of dishonesty, it doesn’t mean that everyone in your future is going to be the same way.

Past issues need to be resolved and put to rest before starting anything new with someone. Every new relationship and every person that you date for that matter deserves a genuine chance. A genuine chance means that you’re not bringing in past hurt and unresolved issues from previous relationships. New relationships and people that you’re interested in dating deserve to have the benefit of the doubt when in doubt, and they deserve to have your honesty and you should trust that they’re going to be pure.

Unless someone has a track record and has lied to you previously or has cheated on you before, or even if they have a track record of cheating on others from their past, then there’s more reason to be skeptical or extra cautious. But if someone doesn’t have a track record and have never cheated or lied to you or others, then you need to give them a blank, clean slate when it comes to starting something new with them.

New situations are pure, and bringing in unresolved issues from your past will only create new issues for your present, current, and future situations. If you’re not ready to be with someone, because you’re paranoid, pessimistic, skeptical beyond belief, and jaded even because of all the hurt that you might’ve experienced previously, then you’re not ready to date, and therefore you shouldn’t.

Remember, if you’re hoping to find a person to build a loving, healthy, and happy relationship with, then you need to go into that situation wholeheartedly, with an absolute open heart, and by giving them your trust. As well, it’s imperative to know that if you’re going to expect your partner to be brutally honest with you, open book, and to give you a genuine chance, then you need to do the same with your partner by being brutally honest with them, being open book yourself, and by giving the situation a sincere and genuine chance.

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