7 Ways to Make Up After an Argument


We all hope for things to run smoothly in our relationships. But having said that, we can’t expect perfection, or that we’ll never argue with our partner. Hashing things out is one of the best ways that people can work on their issues, and improve their relationships. And it’s always great to find ways to make up after having arguments with your partner, so I decided to create the following list of 7 ways to make up after an argument. 

1. The Warmth of an Embrace

Being affectionate and showing closeness to one another is a great way to make up after an argument. Doing anything as simple as a hug, holding hands, and showing your love to your partner in such a way can be very healing when it’s time to make up. 

2. Going on a Walk

You’d be surprised at how healing going on a simple walk with your partner can be after an argument. But not just any walk, the type of walk where you hold hands, talk, and you keep things light in conversation. Because after all, now you found peace, and you’ve made up, after working hard by hashing things out, and resolving your issues. 

3. Kiss

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the saying, that you should kiss and makeup. Well, there’s a big reason for why people say that, and that’s because it works. Kiss your partner, tell them how much you love them, hold your partner in your arms, and make the world go away. Even if it’s just for that one moment. A kiss can be very healing, and it’s almost as if it’s a resolution in itself and that one final point that’s needed in order to make up after an argument. 

4. Make-Up Sex

I know, I know, you expected this one. Just remember, anything you do out of love is great. And when it comes to making love with your spouse or partner after an argument, it will not only be incredible, but it can be the glue that will hold your relationship together during those hard times. Make-up sex is essential after arguments, and especially when you’re married. 

5. Go to a Movie or a Show

It’s always good to do something relaxing when you’re making up after working through issues or arguing with your partner. One really great thing to take your mind off of everything else is to watch a movie, and better yet, to watch a movie with your partner. It’s nice to do things with one another, as long as you can agree on which movie, I’d highly recommend going to an evening show that you’ll both enjoy. Just make sure that you don’t start arguing about which movie, because that will entirely defeat the purpose. 

6. Learn from the Argument

It’s one thing to work on your issues and hash things out. But it’s another thing, when couples can learn from their mistakes and the issues that they have. Part of having a great relationship, is learning how to communicate and grow as individuals, and as a couple. It’s important to learn from your mistakes in life, and after you hash things out, hopefully you’ll be able to come to some type of resolution where issues that you once had, won’t repeat themselves, and where you can both learn and grow from them. 

7. Praying

Nothing is more beautiful than when a couple has faith and believes in God. Having said that, one really beautiful thing that couples can do when it’s time to make up after having an argument, is to pray together. There’s a reason that they say that “couples that pray together stay together,” and it’s because it’s true. God is love, and when you’re working hard on building and improving your relationship, looking to The Source for light and loving guidance is everything. 

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