Don’t Settle for Someone Who’s Wishy-Washy


Many times in life, we get opportunities that are so incredible. These types of opportunities are not only rare, but they usually only happen once. Again, it’s very rare that we get the same opportunity more than once in life. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of an opportunity, and to view it as a once-in-a-lifetime thing. When we don’t go after big opportunities, and especially, when they’re right in front of us, we end up missing out, and feeling regretful later. 

When it comes to relationships, many times people take others for granted. This is something that tends to be very common in the dating scene, and believe it or not, it ends up being the reason for many breakups. Many people might view a person as a great match for them, and a great opportunity if you will. But as soon as they get that person to like them, to love them, and to be in a relationship with them, they take them for granted. 

Many people have a hard time keeping their word, sticking to their guns, and struggle with committing to things. Those are the types of people that can’t handle being in a relationship. You’ll never know what to expect from those types of people. But more so, you’ll never be able to trust them or their word. They’ll break promises to you over and over, thinking that it’s O.K. But, it’s not. Not unless you accept that type of treatment.

Nothing is worse than when someone is wishy-washy, and can’t make up their mind. Well, actually, one thing is—someone that is wishy-washy, can’t make up their mind, and doesn’t keep their word. Ouch, right! Yeah, tell me about it. Don’t waste your time with people that are indecisive, and unsure about what they want. Everyone should know what they want before they even get into a relationship.

Be with someone that will love you. All of you. And someone that will know how great you are, and treat you in such a manner. No one should take you for granted. And if someone does, I’d highly recommend showing them the door. Love yourself enough to know when it’s time to say goodbye. You deserve better than to be an option, instead of a priority. And you deserve to be with a person that will show you how much they love and care about you through their words and their actions.

People only treat you as bad as you let them treat you. If you’re O.K. with letting someone walk all over you, lie to you, manipulate you, and go back on their word a hundred times, you either enjoy being treated badly, you’re self-destructive, or you don’t have a very good self-esteem. You should never be O.K. with being treated poorly when you’re in a relationship.
Love is something that’s pure and selfless. When someone loves you unconditionally, you’ll know it. You’ll never have to question whether or not someone truly loves and adores you, because you’ll see it easily by their actions and their words. They won’t tell you things, make you believe in what they say, and then go back on it. Only someone that doesn’t truly love, value, and appreciate you does things like that.

When you’re with a good partner, and one that truly loves and values you, they’ll always keep their word. Don’t settle for someone that’s going to hurt you or make you feel bad in a relationship. Instead, be patient, and just know that the right person will love you the way that you deserve to be loved. And last but not least, if someone doesn’t view being with you as one of the best opportunities in life, then they’re simply the wrong match for you. 

Anne Cohen
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