7 Ways to Move Forward past Issues


I’m sure that we’d all like to make the most out of our lives, feel fulfilled, and happy as much as possible. And I’m also pretty sure that we’d all like for our relationships to be filled with happy times, peace of mind, and most of all, filled with love. It can be hard for many couples at times to remember their ultimate goal of being happy. That’s why I wrote this article—in order for couples to remember that the past is dead and gone, and once issues have been communicated, and worked through, they are in the past, and it’s best to move forward. So as a little reminder of what’s needed in order to help couples move past their issues, I created this list.

1. Hash Things Out

Communication is everything in a relationship. If you’re not going to be willing to communicate with your partner and talk through issues until they’re resolved, you’re going to end up in unhappy relationship, and you’ll likely end up fighting all of the time as well. You need to be willing to communicate and talk through issues, rather than avoid confrontation, sweep things under the rug, or postponing heavy topics to discuss at a later point—that might never come. 

2. Nip Things in the Bud

The best way to resolve issues is early on. You should be willing to talk things through as soon as you have certain concerns that you feel you should discuss with your partner. It’s always better to nip things in the bud, and resolve issues earlier, rather than later when the issues are bigger, and likely more complicated. 

3. Don’t Bring up past Issues That Have Been Resolved

Once you resolve issues with your partner, you should close the door to them, and seal it shut. Bringing up past resolved issues is like bringing old problems into your relationship, when they’ve already been hashed out and resolved. You shouldn’t bring your past into your future, when it could cause harm or turbulence. Why rock the boat when it’s already steady. If you work hard towards getting your boat to be so steady, just sit back, and enjoy the ride. 

4. Focus on Today, and Live in the Present

Put your effort into discussing issues as they come about. There’s no sense in bringing up the past, because all it will do is haunt your present, and your future. The goal in your relationship should be happiness, and to have peace with one another. Thrive in the moment, think of all of the positive things that you have, and focus on today, instead of yesterday.

5. Don’t Sweep Things Under the Rug

Again, this goes back to hashing things out and having great communication. Be willing to work past issues. Don’t sweep them under the rug, because they’re going to end up piling up until there’s a big bump, and then your relationship will not only have bigger problems than you might’ve had if you’d resolve them sooner, but your relationship might even come to an end because of them. 

6. Don’t Avoid Confrontation

Many times, people like to avoid drama as much as they possibly can. Which frankly, is somewhat of an understandable desire. But, it will only lead to bigger, heavier issues, and more problems later. And whether you like it or not, arguments happen, and we’re not always going to agree on everything with our partner. Therefore, it’s always best to discuss issues, rather than avoid them in order to keep the peace. A relationship can’t maintain peace and happiness by avoiding confrontation. At least, not in the long run. And besides, the only way that couples can maintain a happy and healthy relationship is by workings past their issues by talking things through.

7. Remember Your Ultimate Goal

If you focus on the positive things in your life, in your partner, and in your relationship, and you both try to be optimistic more often than not, your relationship with thrive and you’ll likely both be happy. That’s why it’s imperative to remember your main goal in life, which is happiness. Thrive on the love that you share with your partner, focus on what you have, and embrace that, instead of focusing on what you lack or don’t have yet.

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