7 Ways to Cure Wanderlust When You Really Can’t Travel



Travelling feeds our soul, broadens our horizons, teaches us something new and feeds our wanderlust and adventurous spirit. If only we could travel every three months to a country we’ve never visited before. Unfortunately, we have limited resources and limited vacation days that stop us from turning this wishful thinking into our reality. In case you feel that wanderlust itch, but you just can’t scratch it by booking a plane ticket, you can still cure the feeling by doing some of the things on this list.

1. Explore Local Spots

How often do you walk by a place and say to yourself that you hadn’t noticed it before? The city we live in changes all the time. Some places close, while others open and so on. When your wanderlust spirit strikes, you can satisfy it by exploring your own town. 

Go to that cafe you recently noticed or go to the latest art exhibition at the local museum. Find out if there are any walking tours of your town and join. Surely there are some monuments around you don’t know a thing about. This is a unique way to learn about the historical background and learn something new.

2. Watch a Foreign Movie

Watching a movie in a language we don’t understand can soothe our wanderlust. Hearing a foreign language can simulate the experience and provide the escape that your soul seeks. You can choose a travel documentary and learn something new about a foreign culture. There are also many blockbuster movies that are set in a foreign country. There are many great movies to watch that can be a good enough substitute. 

A foreign movie can even inspire you and easily become your next travel destination. Until that day, make a list of the best foreign movies and satiate your thirst for traveling.

3. Try International Cuisine

When we travel to a foreign country, we try to eat as much of their local cuisine to truly have a memorable experience. The good thing for your wanderlust spirit is that you don’t have to go to a certain country to try their exotic dishes. You can probably do that even when you stay in your hometown.

There is at least one international cuisine restaurant you can visit on those days when you just want to flee to another country. Visit a local Greek restaurant, Chinese, Vietnamese or an Italian restaurant. Aim to try something you’ve never tried before to give your tastebuds a unique and unforgettable experience.

4. Think of Your Future Travel Needs

In case you might decide to travel somewhere last minute, you need to have everything ready. 
Packing is always stressful and during these times. We always remember that we still need one or two essentials when it’s too late to go shopping. This is especially true if you plan on visiting a tropical destination when it’s winter where you are. In case you have trouble finding summery clothes in stores, you can find colorful sarongs online
and save yourself a lot of stress. This way you’ll get everything you need and be prepared for that sudden warm-weather getaway.

5. Read a Wanderlust Novel

Reading opens up the hidden door to other countries, adventures and hidden stories. It is yet another alternative to the real thing. Find a novel that takes place in a different time and country and get lost in the story.

An exciting page-turner can easily immerse you in a different culture and get your imagination going. When you finish reading it, you can google the most magical cities and find your next travel location with a few clicks.

6. Do a Weekend Staycation

Stress and tiredness can be to blame for your sudden wanderlust. If this is the case, then you can easily satiate your hunger by recreating a hotel experience within the walls of your home. Do only those relaxing activities you engage in when you travel. If the weather allows it, spend time lounging out in the sun. Read a book, play upbeat music, make a cocktail and order in. Stay in and recharge so you’ll feel better and happier, even though you didn’t get a chance to go to an actual hotel.

7. Plan a Travel Bucket List

When you feel like going away but you can’t, use that time to plan a travel bucket list. If you went through our list of suggestions, you’ve probably obtained some new locations you read about or saw in a movie. Make a list and start planning your next getaway.

Even though nothing can replace the actual act of traveling, roaming around and exploring the unknown, there are still some things that can recreate the feeling. Try our ideas and cure the sudden burst of wanderlust.

Mianna Korben

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