5 Must-Visit Destinations for a Perfect Winter Vacation



Traveling during the coldest months of the year has its charms because some destinations are even more beautiful when they are covered with snow. Moreover, many adventurers love that feeling when they spend hours outside walking and sightseeing on a chilly or freezing day, and then they can sit in a nice and warm café or restaurant, watching how it’s snowing through the window. If you also enjoy exploring places during winter, you should learn about five destinations that are enticing to see during this season.

1. Germany and Austria, Europe

Germany, Austria, and many other Central European countries are delightful during winter because of their beautiful and romantic, historic Christmas markets. You can find a wide range of different products with everything from gingerbread to sleigh bells. As you are browsing the stalls, you can enjoy their delicious mulled wine called Glühwein. You will like it so much that you will need the recipe to make it at home.

2. Montreal, Canada

When we are talking about the USA, it’s so difficult to single out a place that people should visit, but this time we can mention a Canadian city in Québec, Montreal, which is actually quite amazing during winter. In fact, many travelers who’ve been there claim that it’s best to visit it in its snowy season.

You can even go to New York City from here because now there are so many great deals when it comes to finding a bus from Montreal to New York. And of course, there are many remarkable things to see, so you can enjoy the iconic monuments, like Notre-Dame Basilica and the Old Port, and you can experience how cozy the sit-down restaurants in this city are. You can also check out the brewpubs to delight in some delicious craft beer.

3. Punta Mita, Mexico

If you don’t prefer insanely cold weather, but rather milder options, know that in Punta Mita the winters are dry and warm. There are gentle sea breezes that one can find delightful, but there’s no snow or ice. This private peninsula is known for its luxury residences, exclusive resorts, oceanfront estates, golf courses, and a lot of private clubs. In December, the marine life is quite abundant. You can see colorful tropical fish, dolphins, manta rays and migrating whales.

4. Tokyo, Japan

This city is magnificent because of its Winter Illuminations, which tourists really enjoy. There are stunning parks and gardens, and the buildings are glowing and twinkling. The best part is that there is synchronized music that one can hear on the street. It’s magical! Even though they don’t celebrate Christmas, the season is very festive, and it’s amazing both for youth and elder visitors. There are many boutiques and shops, as well as cozy cafes and restaurants, where one can sit and enjoy delicious food and beverages.

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Even in December and January, Buenos Aires offers people warmth, not to mention the unique historic atmosphere, exquisite food, and tango. If you love meat, you’ll be thrilled to learn that their steaks are superb, and they love complementing the meals with some rich Malbec wine. If you like history, you can visit the pink palace known as Casa Rosada, behind which there’s a peculiar legend that says that they mixed cow’s blood into white paint because this was their way to protect the building from the ravages of Buenos Aires’s humid climate. There are also many museums, but they might not fascinate you like awesome street art.

To some, nothing compares to traveling during winter, and now you know what destinations are truly remarkable during this season. These five places give you everything that you need and more, and hopefully, we helped you plan your next winter vacation!


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