Giving Back Just Because


When it comes to being successful, the word itself success can be interpreted in many ways. To many people, success is making a lot of money and having financial security, stability, and independence. To others, it defines achieving goals, whether work related, in relationships, marriage, or anything else. However you define being successful, the end result and hope are to ultimately create more happiness for yourself, people you care for, as well as for others around you. For those that have achieved success in certain areas, they can either add to their own lives, by creating more for themselves, and consuming things to a larger extent, by giving back to others that are less fortunate, or even both perhaps, creating, building, enjoying, and giving back.

There’s an old saying by some anonymous intellectual that says, “When you have more than you need, build a bigger table, not a higher fence.” When I first heard this saying, it was truly appealing and inspiring. I believe that the greatest success can be achieved in life when you’re able to give back to others in some way. Whether you’ve made a lot of money and hope to share the wealth so to speak, or if you’ve learned something through creating a happier life for yourself, it’s important to spread the word, and let others in on the big secret to your happiness. Unfortunately, many people tend to become greedy, arrogant, and forget to give back. Instead, they choose the path to enjoy and embrace their achievements and not only choose not to give back, but they tend to judge others in a lower and negative way.

When you give to others, it’s important to do so without expecting to get anything back in return. There’s beauty in being able to give, just as much as there’s beauty in being able to receive. When someone chooses to give back to others in some way, it’s important that they do so with completely pure intentions, and always from a good and genuine place. Part of being a good person is knowing that you shouldn’t overindulge in anything in life. But instead, to remember others in moments when overindulging comes before you, and give back. You shouldn’t judge others that haven’t achieved certain things in life. You should give back by shedding some light to their less fortunate situation. Whether that light is through helping them with money, a job, a sandwich, or even some wise dating advice, etc., give back freely, and whenever you see an opportunity to do so.

We should all be aware of others around us, and not be so vain or selfish to overindulge and consume more in life than what’s needed to live and feel comfortable to your desired extent. Whatever the desired extent of comfort that you hope to achieve, you should never forget that others are in need, and to give back when you can. It doesn’t take much in order to shed light, love, and goodness to others. You don’t have to live a lavish or luxurious lifestyle in order to give back. You merely have to pay attention to the world around you, and basically, love and care for others. Sometimes giving back can be spending time with people that are lonely or even giving good advice to those that can benefit. Remember, it’s not all about money, and far from it.

I hope that this article goes as a simple reminder that loving your neighbour and not being too greedy can change our lives and those that are in need for the better. Remember, you shouldn’t do anything for others because you have to. You should do things just because you can. We should all strive to be more righteous to others that we know and don’t know personally. We don’t know how people got to where they are today, and who are we to judge. Everyone goes through ups and downs in life. There will be times when we’ll all need some extra love or light shedded in our direction. So remember this when you see someone in need or in a situation where you can provide kindness in some manner, and choose to give back just because.

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