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Many people will say, that they want it all in life (As Elaine from Seinfeld would say, “I want this, that, and the other.”). But how many people are actually willing to do what it takes to get it, as well as maintain it, if and when they get it. I don’t know about you, but I know what I want, and when I want something bad enough, I’ll go after it and work hard towards maintaining it—whatever it is. I’ll put all of my heart and soul, and my every heartbeat and breath, into getting what I want. When it comes to having what you want in life, it takes the will, the effort, the time, the patience, and the love. When someone says that they want it all—a healthy and loving relationship filled with true and utter love, as well as a successful job or career, it involves balance.

There are many people who will question whether it’s even possible to have it all. While others will be thriving in life and in love, embracing the fact that they already have it all, and they’ve already figured out what it takes to maintain it. It takes balance and desire. Truly successful people understand very well, that you can have it all in life and be very happy and satisfied in all or at least most aspects of your life if you have balance, and make time for things that are important to you.
Everything that’s important to you should get enough love and attention. It’s one thing to focus all of your attention on something and give it so much love, effort, and hard work, but it’s another thing, when it takes a toll on you by leaving any other important aspects of your life for another time—which who knows when if ever those things will be tended to.

If you want to have a great relationship, it involves making the time to date and meet someone. As well, it involves spending enough time getting to know a person on a deeper level, while still, taking care of your other priorities. Everything that’s important to you should be treated as a priority. And if you truly don’t care about having love or a relationship in your life and you don’t desire to build a foundation with someone, to get married one day, or even have kids for that matter, then postpone making time for love and dating. That is if it’s not a priority to you. But if having a relationship is important to you and you truly hope to find that one special someone to build a meaningful relationship with, make time in your busy schedule for the possibility of love and romance.

When someone cares enough about having something meaningful like a loving relationship, they’ll make the time for it. Having said that, one thing that’s imperative to remember if you’re the busy type is to find a partner who will be understanding of your busy schedule and who won’t be needy. If anything, I’d highly recommend finding a nurturing, warm, and loving type. However, it’s still important to mention, that despite how busy someone might be at times, they should still make time and remember to treat their partner as a priority, just as they would for other things that are important to them. There’s really no excuse for a person who says that they’re too busy, unless they aren’t very motivated, driven, or truly successful. Like I said before, every truly successful person knows how to spread out their time and create enough balance in their lives to give a certain amount of attention to everything that’s important to them.

The real question is for the most part, always the same, and that’s “how badly do you want it?” If you want someone or something bad enough in your life, you’ll go after it, you won’t miss out on an opportunity, and you’ll likely do whatever it takes to get it and then take care of it once you know how. How badly do you want love, a relationship, a healthy and happy relationship, a happy partner who’s satisfied, a successful career and life, or anything else! If you want something bad enough, know that as a wise man once said, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” Go after it, strive hard, be determined, push forward, create a balanced life, and have everything you want.

Last but not least, I wanted to add one more important thing to be aware of, and that’s the fact that everyone and every situation is different. No two people are exactly the same or will have the exact same way of thinking, or even the same way of handling things when they’re busy. Some people are great at multitasking and will act like Superman, getting everything that’s important to them accomplished, and beautifully so, while others might be Superman in some areas, but lack balance, the ability or even the desire to multitask and have balance in their lives, perhaps thinking or assuming that this or that aspect is more important and needs their total focus, while leaving all else behind. Hey, there are many different kinds of Supermen. 

Not to say that one type of Superman is better than another. It depends on what your wants and needs are in love and in life. You have to be O.K. with the choices that you make. Choose to be with someone who fills up your soul with light and love, who makes you feel satisfied and happy when they’re around, and who gives you enough love and attention that you crave. Don’t be with someone who always puts you, your wants, and your needs last. And don’t be someone’s option or second choice. Especially, if it’s making you feel bad about yourself, lonely, inadequate, or empty inside. You should be happy with yourself, your choices, and with who you bring close into your life, including who you let in your heart.

Make sure that if someone says that they’re busy or insanely swamped, that it’s not an excuse to string you along while they keep you around like just another option, second best, a rebound buddy, a “future” flavour of the week, or until they free up their hectic dating or hookup schedule—Ew gross! It’s one thing to be loving and understanding as a partner for someone who’s deserving of it, but it’s another thing for people to use and abuse your heart and love, thinking that you’re naíve or gullible believing that they’re busy. Make sure that if someone is busy, they’re not playing you for a fool. Be cautious with your heart.

Finally, if you want to be with someone who’s the busy type, you might have to adjust your life to their busy schedule. As well, and as much as I hate to break it to some of you who are crazy about someone who has a hectic or busy schedule and lifestyle, if they’re unable or unwilling to adjust and multitask, you should think whether or not you’re O.K. with being put last at times, and whether it’s temporary or not. And make sure that you don’t implode or hide your real feelings from your partner if you’re not O.K. with how busy or unavailable they are or for the lack of love, attention, or affection that you might be receiving. Speak up and be honest with them, as well as with yourself. You might have to take the backseat (figuratively of course). You can’t change or force someone to make time for you or to create a more balanced life. They have to want it. And remember, there’s no excuse if they want it. 

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  1. Great Article Anne! Such an important subject and so grateful to have found your site! I look forward to reading your latest articles! Thank you for what you do!

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