Why It’s Better to Be Alone, Than With the Wrong Person


Many times singles feel obligated to find that special someone, and they would rather go out on a date, just for the satisfaction of going out. Many people simply don’t want to stay at home, don’t want to be alone, and at all costs, they try to avoid that feeling of loneliness. A lot of people would rather go out with someone, despite knowing that they’re not the right match, despite knowing that they’re not going to have a future together, and possibly the reason being that they already know that there’s no chemistry between them. Either way, they don’t want to be alone on the weekends, or ever really.

Don’t temporarily settle

Many people would actually prefer to temporarily settle for that YOLO type of feeling, where you make the best out of every day, despite not having found the right person yet. Some people prefer to go out and live it up, with whomever asks them out, just to be out. Then there are others that would prefer to stay in, go out alone, or hang with friends, or family, rather than accept a date with someone that they feel they have no future potential with.

When I say that it’s better to be alone, rather than settling with the wrong person (and even for one night), I hope you understand what that means. The light that I’m trying to shed here is that if you’re not interested in someone, don’t waste their time or yours. Going out with someone who you’re not into is a truly selfish act to the other person, and to yourself. If you don’t have any friends or family nearby, or any other reason that you feel is the reason for not having anyone else to go out with, you still shouldn’t go out with someone if you’re not interested in them romantically, or if you don’t see a possible future with them.

Don’t use people as a space filler

There’s nothing wrong with going out alone. If you’re uncomfortable with going out alone, then stay in. Either way, don’t use someone by inviting them to go out with you or accepting their invitation to go out, when you’re not interested. You should never go out with someone merely for the sake of them being a space filler. It doesn’t matter the occasion, whether it’s your Birthday, New Year’s, or any holiday where you don’t want to be alone, enjoy your own company or go out with a friend. When it comes to choosing to stay home alone or go out alone, instead of merely using someone to gratify your need for a space filler, think twice, and do the right thing.

Having said all of this, true love comes when you least expect it. It doesn’t happen when you’re out with the wrong person. Although, I did hear of a case when it did. However, it’s not a very pure, kind thing to date someone for your own selfish reasons, whether it be to accompany you, so that you won’t be lonely, to date someone that you’re temporarily settling for, or to date someone who’s merely a space filler, etc. Definitely, and by no means do I agree with those out there who use people in any way, this includes in getting a free meal. Whether it’s getting a free meal or free company at another person’s expense, where a person is getting taken advantage of, it’s wrong.

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