The Cure to a Broken Heart


There’s only so much that you can do when it comes to healing after a breakup. They say that time heals all wounds, but as many might agree, I beg to differ. 
Time alone can never heal all of your wounds, unless you entirely let go of the past. Carrying around the baggage of wounds and heartache from previous relationships can be a real drag when it comes to wanting to start a new situation. You can’t expect to go into a new relationship when your past relationship is still present. The fact of the matter is, when you’re not over any hurt or heartache from a previous relationship, you’re basically bringing your old relationship into your new relationship, and you likely won’t get very far in the new one.

It’s important to grieve and mourn the end of a relationship in order to fully heal. I once read this statement somewhere, and it kind of inspired me. It said that we should concentrate on all of the good things that we have while we have them, and while we’re in a situation. When we don’t have those things anymore, then we should concentrate on all of the bad things that were in the situation, and what it lacked. When I heard this, it truly resonated with me, because at the time, I was doing the opposite. When you do the opposite, it will not only make it harder for you to heal, but it can prolong the duration of your healing time altogether.

Just to be clear, in case some of you don’t understand what I’m saying. When you’re in a situation, and you concentrate on all of the positives that it has, your situation or relationship for that matter will improve and thrive. The reason being is that it’s always good to appreciate what you have when you have it, and in the moment. When you’re not in a situation anymore or your relationship has ended, it’s important to concentrate on all of the bad, instead of on all of the good. When you concentrate on all of the good after a situation has ended, then you’ll be longing for the past to stay your present, and you’re not truly letting the situation go. As well, by concentrating on all of that good that the relationship had when it’s already over, you’ll end up wanting to get back together, going backwards in life.

Not everyone deserves second chances in relationships, so it’s important to be careful not to fall into the pattern of making up and breaking up. Break up, make up, and repeat, are three things that should not happen in a healthy relationship. Instead, you should learn to develop good communication with one another, and learn to hash things out when there are problems, instead of terminating the relationship.

The best cure to a broken heart would be to let the past go. A few other suggestions and ways to help mend a broken heart would be to do little things, and throughout your daily life. As we all know, life is just a compilation of a bunch of those little moments. In other words, all we really need to heal and cure our wounds and broken hearts are a bunch of little moments. Some other things that you can do are take a warm bubble bath, have a glass of wine, listen to music, or even stay active and work out.

What’s most important (despite what you choose to do to heal), is to come to terms with the loss of the situation, and grieve over it, without avoiding feeling any pain. When someone avoids feeling the pain of a break up, they’re basically imploding their feelings, and then they’re bound to go into their next relationship with fear and emotional barriers. Bringing emotional barriers or having your guards up too high when starting a new relationship will make it so that you won’t get hurt, but it will also make it so that you don’t ever truly fall in love with a person. It’s important to go through the pain that comes naturally to you after a break up, and appreciate the situation for what it was, and appreciate the now for what it is, and what’s to come.

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