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Whether or not we were raised to see our own parents express their love to one another, and perhaps passionately so, we’ve likely witnessed love and some type of passionate fairytale romance from TV or movies. But then, some people had a chance to see other families, where the parents were madly in love with each other. Maybe it was a neighbour, or even a family friend perhaps. And maybe it was your grandparents who showed their immense love for one another. Love is shown through words and actions. Intense and passionate love is shown in the same manner, just with a whole lot of passion added into the mix.

Nothing is as beautiful as seeing two people completely and utterly in love with one another. Well, one thing is a little sweeter than seeing two people in love, and that’s experiencing it first hand. This is something that nearly all hopeless romantics long to experience in life. And some of us never stop trying to get that one special type of crazy-intense, passionate love until they find it. Some people say that “when you know, you just know.” And although I tend to agree to an extent, many of us end up “thinking” that we know, but we actually end up being wrong. Yikes, right? Been there, done that? Yeah, me too.

Many people believe in that fairytale type of romance, where passion and desire for our partner not only seems never-ending, but where the love and passion grows, and grows into an indescribable type of love, where you end up feeling as if you nearly can’t breathe or survive without that person, that feeling, and that love right there by your side. But then again, some people don’t believe, become jaded, bitter, lose hope, give up on finding true love, or even feel as if that fairytale type of love is fake and only for Disney Princess movies, stories in books, and only in the movies.

Well, I believe in love. But not only love but that unconditional, fairytale, romance, Disney Princess, unconditional, agape, The Notebook type of love. You know, the never-ending type, where the couple’s love withstands the test of time, and they stay together through sickness and in health and have amazing make-up sessions after their arguments—which of course, always end up having resolutions before bedtime. Ah yes, true love, and oh, did I mention that their fire and chemistry is way better than in the movies, because, well, it’s real, and well, you know, Disney movies can only show a certain amount of heat, intensity, and good stuff.

The list could go on… and on, just like true love. Forever… and ever.

Having said that, we should always know what we want, or at least have some idea of what we want, what works for us, and what doesn’t in a relationship. As well, we should be compatible with our partner on as many levels as possible. And of course, we should ultimately want the same things in life, and in our future. And there I go again, just when you thought that my list was over. It’s almost as if the wicked Queen was writing this article with an endless list of expectations. But no, it’s just me, and really, these are merely a few of the essentials that all couples should have before even considering a person to be their Prince, Princess, King, or Queen. 

But the truth is, many people don’t believe in love anymore, and well frankly, it’s sad. I wish that it wasn’t so. Maybe that’s the real reason why write a relationship blog—with hopes to keep people believing, to give hope, and to uplift people’s spirits so that they never stop looking for “the real deal,” as opposed to settling for a great catch, or a “well, he or she will do.” Yep, settling is the pits, and I’d highly recommend never doing it.

I’m not sure why I wrote this article, but maybe it was because I was feeling a little mushy, and wanted to remind people not to settle, and to be patient, and believe that the right person is probably out there waiting to find you too and that you’re not alone. Never stop searching for that one special love— the love of your life. We all have one, even if they don’t meet all of the high standards of my Disney Princess, I want, I want rant—I mean, list. The right person will eventually come along. Maybe he won’t look like Prince Charming or be willing to point a sword at anyone who’s trying to harm you, but I’m sure that he will do everything in his power to love and protect you. And maybe she won’t look like the supermodels that you might be checking out in Maxim or Ahem… Playboy, but I’m sure that she will love you just how you want to be loved… at least when it’s right.

Having said all of the above, and knowing that I’m a little bit on the mushy side today, I still wanted to add one final thought.

Some people might feel as though they’re experiencing or have experienced an incredible and amazing type of love, filled with fire, passion, and loads of heated emotions—the good and the bad. And I know what you might be thinking, but, when you have intense fire and chemistry with someone, there’s usually a bit of both. The type of love that’s just like a fairytale or even better. The type of love that’s just like the “What do you want?” scene from “The Notebook.” But one thing that’s important to be aware of, is how much the other person feels the same way or if they even do.

Although, this may sound a bit foolish, think about it for a moment. Imagine if Noah loved Allie as passionate and intense as he did, but Allie didn’t love Noah back with the same amount of love and passion. How much of a fairytale would that have been? The only way to get that fairytale type of love is when both people are equally as in love with one another. And yes, I truly believe that we can all get that type of love, or whatever type of love it is that you, me, and everyone else yearns for in life, and in a partner. So don’t waste your time staying with someone that doesn’t love you. And just like Steve Perry from Journey sang, “Don’t stop believin’.”

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Settle, Wait for the Fairytale – It Exists

  1. Some people marry the first person they meet and take the first job they find. I wonder how that works out for them. But love is hard 🙂 I just hope I get it right.

  2. (I visited from Google Plus blogger group 🙂 )My parents have that lasting unconditional love. They’ve literally gone through hell together. My mother suffers from a bi-polar disorder, one of the rare, extreme forms, and what she has put my father through any other man would have left her. Dad’s love for my mother is amazing and he inspires me every day, especially when I’m at my lowest. They’re both incredible people, and Mom has come a long way through Dad’s help and love. <3

  3. I believe in this type of love too, and I refuse to settle. I know what it’s like when it’s only one-sided, no matter what you do or try to do, it’s only half way. She, whoever she is, will have the same fire, passion, and deep soul connection as I would like to have. This is a must and I won’t stop until I find her.
    Awesome article Anne as always! <3

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