True Agape Love


For some people, falling in love is easy. For others, it takes time to develop that loving feeling, and for some people, it takes a lot of time. When it comes to loving another person, the love that you may feel for them now and today is likely going to change in the future. You can’t expect that anything in life won’t change over time, including your love and feelings towards someone. However, the fact that feelings change over time, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll diminish. If anything, when you’re in the right situation and for most healthy and happy relationships, that love and those emotions that you feel for the person you’re with have the power to grow into something much more beautiful.

Genuine, authentic and real love is something that takes time to develop. That doesn’t mean that it takes time to develop for some people, as opposed to others. Genuine agape love takes time for everyone to develop into something deeper and truly meaningful. Falling in love may happen so frequently in life that many times it can be misinterpreted for feelings of lust, passion, and desire. It’s important not to mistake those lustful feelings that you might have towards someone, and assume that it’s true love.

If you’re not in touch with your true feelings enough, and you make a mistake as such, and you feel “in lust,” you’re bound to explore a relationship that perhaps you never should’ve. It might even end up becoming a big waste of your and their time. When a love is real, it lasts through sickness and health, through good days and bad days, and the loving feelings that you share and feel towards your partner won’t diminish or go away with time. But if anything, those feelings will grow into something that will be everlasting, and much more meaningful.

No amount of distance can change a love when it’s true. No amount of separation between two people can tear their feelings apart from one another. When someone is truly in love with another person, no amount of time, space, turbulence, heartache, or fear can keep them apart. True agape love is a selfless, pure, and giving love. It’s the only type of love that’s truly unconditional. When someone is truly and utterly in love with someone else, they’ll stop at nothing to attain their love, and even more so, they’ll do anything and everything to maintain their love, and their relationship.

Just like anything in life, if you take something for granted, you could lose it in the end. When someone is truly in love with someone else, they’ll never risk losing them, and they’ll do anything and everything to keep them by their side. This is how you know when someone really loves you, and when it’s true and genuine agape love. They’ll fight for you, die for you, live for you, and breathe for you.

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