Goodnight Kisses


Closer than ever
I thought, but I was wrong.
So torn apart
A song, it’s just a song.

You felt I was melting
Falling down at your feet.
Your problems were heavy
Heavy and incomplete.

Would’ve waited with patience
To think, what a fool.
Empty were the kisses
So heartless, so cruel.

Sharp like my senses
Too bitter to repair.
Your coldness was better
Left in my own despair.

Your light, it shined bright
So bright like the sun.
It’s energy, moving
Thought we were as one.

What a fool, such a fool
An empty old tool.
It was merely a game
The win, Hall of Fame.

Simple you appeared
And ever so sweet.
My heart, it endeared

You messed with me plenty
My sunlight is empty. 
You could care less
My heart at your chest.

Just another day
A day in the sun.
Just a holiday
Thought our life had begun.

Raining now, sunlight
It’s pouring down hard.
My vision is all blurry
This soul is now barred.

Wrecking and whaling
This heart, on a cloud.
On a yacht, I’ll be sailing
For new sunlight to start.

Fetch me the anchor
Take the weight on your own.
My giving heart’s empty
On your path, walk alone.
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Anne Cohen

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