Just Another Song



Everything is broken.

Broken dishes,

Broken hearts,

Broken glass.

Every time you break me.

You break me quick,

You break me hard,

You break me fast.

But when I’m broken,

You cannot break me.

So don’t mistake me.

I’m not alone.

It’s set on fire.

I’m tired of shaking,

My soul is breaking.

I’m so alone.

All the warmth,

It’s just desire.

Without your touch,

There’s no more fire.

I count each moment.

They go so slow.

There’s emptiness.

I gotta go.

Cause now you’re gone.

You cannot hurt.

I cannot hurt.

It’s been so long.

I wish you’d save me.

From this shell,

From this feeling,

From this spell.

There’s no mistaking.

Not for the taking.

In many pieces,

My heart is breaking.

A broken record.

A broken song.

Where’ve you been.

It’s been so long.

I loved you then.

I love you now.

Is this the end?

I don’t know how…

You never come back,

More than a day.

And now it’s raining,

You’re far away.

Our love is true.

Just you and me.

The time has stopped.

We’re meant to be.

The Story goes.

I must live on.

But you’re not here,

It’s just a song.

Anne Cohen
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