Me, Waiting On The Side



Me, waiting on the side

All I can do

Dreaming of the life

With you

Maybe it isn’t right

So I’m living my life

Something doesn’t feel right

Without you.

I should let go

You don’t even take the time

In and out

Your confusion makes me weak

I don’t even know what’s right

Why do you play with me

When you don’t even know what you want.


Before you come back

Will you come back

Why start over

When you know my heart, so pure

Soon it will be too late

It will only be memories that we’ve shared.

Me, waiting on the side

Only wanting what’s right

Hope is gone

Loving you, too long

Wanting what’s best

But isn’t that me

Waiting on the side

Not trying to catch a ride.

It’s my heart that does feel

My eyes don’t conceal

My actions were loud

My heart is becoming cold

Have you already let go

Me, waiting on the side

You want to start over

But again, you’re gone.

Me, waiting on the side

I know it won’t be long

I should move on

Now I think you’re gone

Hence it’ll be me, waiting for so long

My patience will do me wrong

Do what you must

Time will carry on.

Letting go

Feels so alone

Feelings so cold

Me, waiting on the side

Trying to keep my pride

One more night

It’s never enough

To feel you again

The toxic feeling of heaven

Do you need a friend

A friend in me

Is that all that you see.

Maybe I’ll disappear

Your game is still fear

Me, waiting, but not for long

I know, it will do me wrong

For I cannot dare to dream

Of what can’t be mine

For too long.

Running all the time

Waiting for so long

So long

You, keeping me

You keep me

Me, waiting on the side.

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