Mother’s Day – a Day of Appreciation


It’s Sunday morning, a beautiful, yet simple Sunday morning. Mother’s Day. A day to show our mothers just how much they mean to us. It’s a day to browse through memories in our minds, in our hearts, and to share them with those closest to us. A day to appreciate how far we’ve come, and how our mothers made it possible. We all come from different backgrounds and have been raised differently. Some people were raised by caregivers mostly, guardians, a family who adopted them, grandparents, a single father, or by others who I failed to mention. Mother’s Day is to appreciate Mothers but also to appreciate those who raised us, cared for us, nurtured us, and showed us love.

In life, we all make mistakes, no one is perfect. But when we wrong someone, we should not only try to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them, but we should be apologetic and remorseful. We should care how we make others feel. Do you know that at some point in time (don’t quote me), every child has told their mother that they “hate them.” Hypothetical question. I think I was only told this one time by my kids, but honestly it’s fading away at the moment. Ukh, my kids are amazing! How lucky am I that my kids rarely ever tell me they hate me! Having said that, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t as well behaved as my kids, and therefore, I have a feeling, yes, just a slight, tiny feeling, that maybe I said “I hate you” to my mother quite a bit. And for that, Dear mama (as Tupac would’ve said), I’m sorry.

No mother, parent, guardian or anyone who raised us to the best that they could deserves to hear the words “I hate you” from the person or people whom they love and care for the most in this world. We need to love, and when we struggle to get along with some people, even if they’re our families, we need to learn how to be cordial and kind. We should rid ourselves of anger, bitterness, and hate, and as hard as it may be, we should kill with kindness and love. We need to turn negative energy into positive energy, and obviously saying that is simple, but putting those words into action, is something else.

On Mother’s Day and always, we need to remember to be kind, loving, warm, and to acknowledge those who have shown us love throughout our lives. If you’re arguing with someone, whether family or friends, and perhaps you haven’t made up yet, make peace, strive towards being in a zen state of mind and make the day beautiful. Life is too short not to forgive and forget or to have hangups and drag negativity and anger on. Don’t waste time being resentful or angry, and take the time to heal, but take a break on this day. This day is special. It’s a day to remind us that life is short and we should appreciate our loved ones and show them through our words and our actions.

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