The Power of Being Able to Feel and Embrace Love



When it comes to being able to love another person, we’re all capable of giving our love and expressing ourselves to our partner through our words and our actions. There are endless things that we can do to show people how much we care about them. We can do everything from sweet gestures, just because gifts, to love notes, writing poetry, or even from the little things that we do on a daily basis. Showing our love and affection to someone is a beautiful thing, and many people even get an immense amount of enjoyment in solely giving love to others, as opposed to only receiving it. Having said that, unfortunately, many times people are unable to feel and embrace their partner’s love.

You Must Be Emotionally Available

Being able to feel the love of another person requires that person to be in a place where their heart is open to feeling loved. It requires a person to have the ability to feel emotions and to connect with people on a deep level. If your heart isn’t open, you’re not going to be able to feel anyone’s love. Someone that’s emotionally unavailable isn’t a damaged person. What they are is a person that’s carrying around emotional wounds and baggage so to speak from previous pain that they’ve experienced. When someone is emotionally unavailable they shouldn’t be dating at all, let alone explore a relationship with someone.

Nothing’s worse than when someone can’t feel their partner’s love, and that usually happens when a person has unresolved issues and pain from previous situations. It’s important to get an adequate amount of healing time that you feel is needed in order to recover from previous heartache or situations that caused you pain in any way. Moving on quickly should never be an option when it comes to getting over past hurt. That only causes trouble and misery for your new situation, and most likely for the person that you’re going to be dating. I’m not a big fan of “rebound dating.”

Dating too soon after breakups is never a good thing, and even more so when the relationship you had was meaningful and long. f you date too soon afterward, and your previous pain hasn’t been resolved, the person that you’ll date won’t stand a genuine chance. You’ll never be able to give your love or heart to another person until you resolve past heartache. Everyone deserves a clean slate in a new relationship, and without bringing in any excess baggage from your past. It’s simply unfair to start anything new when you’re carrying around feelings for an ex or someone that you’ve previously been with.

Being able to embrace another person’s love and to even connect with how they express their feelings to you requires being emotionally ready, as well as emotionally available. If you’re recently separated or if you just got out of a relationship you’ll likely need time to heal from it. You can’t put expectations on yourself to be instantaneously healed, and you definitely shouldn’t try to numb your pain through any type of substance. Give yourself some time to heal. Remember, you need to feel whole and complete first, and way before you’ll be able to show your true emotions to anyone else, let alone to have them feel them.

If you date too soon after a breakup where you’re left with any pain, you won’t be ready to start something new. It’s literally impossible to be able to feel another person’s love if they’re not being genuine when they’re giving it. Genuine love comes from being able to feel and connect with your emotions. It’s irrelevant whether or not the person that’s carrying around this type of baggage feels that they’re giving you enough love, because clearly if they’re emotionally unavailable, the love that they’re giving their partner isn’t going to be adequate enough.

A partner or someone that you’re dating and taking seriously deserves every bit of an open heart from their partner, and nothing less. The only way for someone to be able to embrace their partner’s love is if they’re actually giving it fully, genuinely, and wholeheartedly. This is why people need to be fully healed from their past, go into situations with an open heart, and feel completely emotionally available and ready to embrace love.

Feeling Worthy Is a Must

Some other things that it takes in order to feel someone’s love (assuming that there emotionally available) is good self-esteem. It’s imperative to be a whole and complete person who feels worthy of love, and frankly, they should like who they are inside and out. It’s important to be confident in life, and when it comes to dating, feeling worthy and being confident are two of the most appealing and attractive qualities to others. Being confident when dating is something that shines much greater in your appearance than any type of makeup or a new hairstyle. Exterior beauty only plays a small role in comparison with what a great smile and a confident and positive attitude can bring about.

It’s important to feel worthy of embracing another person’s love despite who that person is, how prestigious their job is, or what role they play in society. It’s irrelevant whether or not someone is a king, queen, or even the President of the United States. If you know your worth, and you feel that you’re worthy of embracing the love of another human being, you’ll not only stand a chance at winning their love, but they’ll view you as a confident person that knows their worth, and that my friend is sexy! Someone’s job or good looks doesn’t make them any better than you, me, or anyone else.

It’s imperative to feel worthy of being loved. This is a feeling that we all deserve to experience. Feeling another person’s love and being in a relationship with someone who you feel is absolutely incredible is something that we all get to experience in life. Each and every one of us deserves to have that passionate, intense, and powerful connection in life, as well as to experience a relationship or marriage that we feel lucky to have. Being appreciative of what you have is everything when it comes to holding onto another person’s love, and maintaining your relationship. But feeling worthy of being able to receive their love plays a big role in how well you’re able to feel and embrace it. 

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