Staying Optimistic in a Jaded Dating Scene


Being happy is a choice. We can all choose to be happy, be in a good mood, see the good in things, and choose to view things in an optimist way. We can choose to see things as half full or half empty. We can choose to make the best out of a bad situation, acknowledging what’s lacking, but embracing the positive aspects. We can choose to focus on what we have in life, instead of on what we lack or are still longing and striving to achieve.

When it comes to dating, sometimes it’s challenging to be optimistic, and especially when we’ve gone on a numerous amount of bad first dates or coequal if we simply haven’t found our match yet. The dating scene can be challenging for anyone. But if you have an optimistic approach and you go into every new situation with an open heart, an open mind, and optimism, it will be somewhat easier.

No one wants to be on a date with someone who’s the wrong match for them. But the only way to know if someone is going to be a good match, is by giving promising situations a chance. And by promising situations, I’m referring to those situations where you feel that you should give things a shot, even if it’s merely for a first date. Having an optimistic approach when dating is imperative, because whoever you’re on a date with, is bound to feel your energy, and will easily be able to tell whether it’s positive or negative.
It can be truly unpleasant for someone to be on a date with another person who is jaded, pessimistic, or has a negative outlook, because they’ll likely be exuding their negative energy and negative outlook unto the other person.

Everyone wants what they want in life, and usually when they want it. But that doesn’t mean that everyone gets what they want in life at the exact moment that they want it. Things don’t usually happen exactly when we want them to, but we need to remain optimistic and hold on to whatever good spirits and positive energy that we have, so that we don’t carry around negative energy, because doing so, can be quite unappealing to others.

It’s important to go after what we want in life. When it comes to dating, we should have a pretty good idea of what we want in another person, and know what works for us, as well as what doesn’t. We should also be emotionally stable, whole, emotionally available, and emotionally ready, because this way, we won’t waste anyone’s time. It’s never good to waste anyone’s time by not knowing what you want or by simply not being ready on an emotional level. These things should go without saying, but unfortunately, these are some of the things that are lacking in many people’s approach when it comes to dating.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know what they want, are still heartbroken from their ex, are emotionally unavailable, aren’t in a place where they should be dating, are jaded and have a negative outlook, or they might even have other motives than what they say. But despite how other people carry themselves, approach situations, and whether or not they’re ready to date you, you should be stable with who you are, in knowing what you want, as well as stay optimistic, regardless of the types of people who cross your path or that you go on dates with. But no matter what, remember not to become jaded or develop a negative outlook, simply because other people might be jaded or have a negative approach.

Don’t let anyone else’s negativity exude off of them and unto you. Be stable with who you are, and continue on your path in finding your best possible match. But remain optimistic, because you’ll be much more likely to find your match while feeling good, being optimistic, and exuding your light, love, positive energy, and optimistic outlook, than if you were to become negative about the dating scene.

People who have been single for some time, are likely to have experienced some good dates, some bad dates, and even some horrific dates. Some dates you might even consider to be horror stories, that at the time, might feel exhausting and deflate much of your light, love, and optimism, but later you might laugh about it. At the end of the day, in life, we’re all looking to be happy and to find our best possible match to share in that happiness. Last but not least, if you want to find a person who’s predominately happy and feels good about their life, and with who they are as a person, then you should be an example of what you hope to find by feeling good and staying optimistic. Choose to be happy and choose to stay optimistic.

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