Why You Should Date and Surround Yourself with Happy People


Everyone enjoys being around the type of person who’s easy-going, happy, and all-around, pretty laid-back. No one wants to be around the type of person who creates a lot of drama, and who’s always uptight or upset about something. People tend to avoid those who create drama, and those who are so toxic that nearly everything that they say and do feels nearly as if they’re bringing negative energy into their life.

When you surround with people who are pessimistic, and those who think in a negative manner all of the time, despite that they might not realize how negative they’re being, they’re exuding that negative energy onto others. This is why it’s so imperative to surround yourself with loving people who are optimistic and see the bright side of situations. Having said that, everything doesn’t always flow, run smoothly, and go just the way that we want things to happen. But for the most part, when we surround ourselves with enlightened individuals who try to live their lives in an optimistic manner, seeing the positives in things, and focusing on what’s good in life, as opposed to seeing things in a negative light, we’ll end up being happier and feeling better every day.

When it comes to dating someone, we can’t expect that everyone will always be happy and in a good mood. But if someone is unhappy all of the time, or even if they’re unhappy more than they’re happy and in a good mood, it’s not only bad for that person, but it can take a toll on us, drain our energy, and put us in a bad mood as well. In the same manner that when you go to a comedy club or when we hear others laughing, it can be quite contagious, it can be just as contagious if we surround ourselves with people who are unhappy and miserable.

Now having said that, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be emotionally supportive and loving to someone who’s close to you, someone that you’re dating, or even your friends and family when they’re going through a rough time in life. Don’t abandon those who need some extra love and support. But there’s a big difference between giving someone emotional support once in awhile, and giving a person so much love and emotional support that it takes away from you being in a good mood.
We shouldn’t let others take away from our happiness. But instead, we should do things and surround ourselves with people who will bring more happiness into our lives, rather than take away from it.

When you’re dating someone or exploring a relationship, it’s important to pick the type of person who’s happy with themselves, and who feels whole and complete on their own. You need to be whole and complete first and foremost. And you can usually tell pretty early on when dating whether or not someone is generally a happy person and in a good mood for the most part. It’s never fun to date a person who’s jaded, pessimistic, and sees the negative in things more than they see the positive. The whole point of being with a partner in life is to feel even more whole and complete, and to feel happier, not more miserable. We need to be with the type of person who makes us feel happier, who makes us laugh, and who for the most part enjoys life and sees the good in things.

Nothing feels as good as being with a person who laughs a lot, smiles a lot, and who brings out the best in you. If you start dating someone and you see that they’re miserable all of the time or if they bring out the worst in you, you should think twice before continuing to date them, reevaluate the situation and possibly end things if you see that nothing makes them happy. It’s not your job or anyone else’s to make a person happy. And although it’s nice to do sweet gestures and selfless acts that are kind for others, it’s not something that should be an obligation or any extra weight that should be put on your shoulders. We should be kind and loving to the person we’re dating, and to all others as well. But it’s not anyone’s job to make others feel good, happy, or even to put anyone else in a good mood.

We all need to work on ourselves as individuals, learn to see the bright side of things, acknowledge the things that need improvement, but focus on the positives in life, in the person we’re dating, as well as in regards to our relationships. Being in a good mood and feeling happy is a choice. Choose to be happy and in a good mood. Try to recognize that just as we would want others to lift us up, maintain our happy spirits, and make us feel more happy and alive, we need to set an example by being the same way. And again, if you see that someone is bringing you down and killing your inspiration, your enthusiasm, and your motivation when it comes to your work or whatever it is that you’re doing in life, don’t surround yourself with that person. Recognize that when a person or a situation isn’t good for you, you either need to end things or minimize your time with them.

Love yourself enough to choose your friends, people you date, and the people you surround yourself with wisely. Don’t settle for being in a situation where you’re unhappy, simply because someone else is draining your energy. And last but not least, we shouldn’t let other people change our mood or drain or positive energy. Whether we like it or not, sometimes other people can affect us, and this especially goes for if you’re the sensitive type who gets easily affected by others. Make sure that you’re not being the type of person who always thinks in a negative manner, and that surrounds yourself with unhappy people. And make sure you’re doing everything that you can’t to bring more happiness into your life starting by being the best version of yourself, thinking an optimistic manner, and by bringing kind, loving, and happy people into your life. 

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