What It Takes to Feel Good


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No matter where you are in life, no matter what you’re doing, feeling good and optimistic will make your journey better. If you feel good inside, it will not only improve your life in many ways, but it will show on the outside as well. We all have the power to feel good and think in an optimistic manner if we choose to. The problem is that, many people don’t realize that they are holding the power within them as to whether or not they’re in a good mood, as far as how they look at things, and as far as how they live their lives.

When it comes to our health, our well being, and how we feel emotionally, we need to love ourselves enough, that we take good care of ourselves. This goes from everything including how we talk to ourselves—that little voice inside of our minds that either lifts us up, builds our confidence, and sees things in an optimistic light. As well, part of taking good care of ourselves, is caring about the foods that we eat, what we drink, and what we put into our bodies. It truly does matter how well we eat, drink, and just how active we are in our day to day lives.

You see, how well we take care of ourselves will make such a dramatic difference in how well we think, how focused we are, how much energy we have and how driven we are, and coequal how we feel on an emotional level. Believe it or not, when we take good care of ourselves, we feel better in every way, even emotionally. We start to see things differently—more clearly. Part of being the best version of ourselves, is drinking enough water, eating a predominantly healthy diet, sleeping enough, and staying active. If we want to feel our best, put our best foot forward, and always have great energy and enthusiasm for life, we need to love ourselves enough that we care about how we treat ourselves.

When it comes to dating, relationships, family, and friendships, if you surround yourselves with driven, positive, and enlightened people, and those who carry much inner beauty, you’ll be much better off and happier, than if you’d surround yourselves in toxic situations, where there lacks true agape love, sincere kindness, stability, calmness, peace, selflessness, and support. These are things that you have when you have healthy friendships and a truly healthy relationship.

If family, friends, or dating a certain someone is bringing you down, don’t spend time with them or let yourself become too attached or consumed with listening to them. Love yourself enough not to let toxic people into your life. And if you’re in a toxic situation or if you have certain people in your life who bring you down, take away your inspiration, your inner peace, and from the beautiful and enthusiastic person who you are, end the situation. Love yourself enough to let go or end situations where you don’t feel happier.

Remember, feeling happy is a choice. So if you want to feel truly happy, make that choice, and make whatever changes that you need to in order to bring about more happiness into your life. And do so, to the point where your well being, outlook, and emotional state thrive. Eat healthier, drink more water, and surround yourself with good people, and those who bring out the best in you. And last but not least, talk kindly to yourselves, kill those negative thoughts and things that you tell yourself, and learn to see the light and beauty of nearly every situation.

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2 thoughts on “What It Takes to Feel Good

  1. I can totally relate to a lot of the things you say in this post. I recently started a new job and all of my new coworkers are generally happier. I’m no longer surrounded by unhappy people and crappy bosses and this has resulted in a big increase in my overall happiness. My partner has commented on my improved mood.
    Additionally, it’s still warm outside and I exercise on a regular basis. This has been a great combination for my mood.

  2. If you do things that meet your particular set of values then you will feel good which will lead to happiness. Sometimes you have to spend time to discover what your values are which comes from living life and experiencing different things. So get out there and live life…

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