What It Takes to Give a Situation a Second Chance



In today’s talk, I wanted to stress the importance of having a forgiving heart, and what it takes to give a situation another shot. Not everyone or every situation deserves a second chance, but that’s something that you and your partner need to figure out on your own. Having said that, the best way to tell whether or not it’s worth it to give a situation another try, is usually by how much love is there, but also, by how much both people desire to improve. Both people need to desire to make things work, but to be dedicated enough to throw all anger, resentment, and bitterness away. They also can’t give a situation another shot if they’re going to hold a grudge or be stubborn. Being stubborn will prevent a couple from having a successful relationship filled with love and happiness. 

The following talk will open your mind up to what’s needed in order to go back to an ex and give things another try. If two people genuinely care about being together again, and want to make things work, then it takes forgiveness and an open heart. Sometimes, it’s better to forgive and forget, if you love someone enough and want them in your life. Listen to today’s talk below and feel free to share your experiences or comment any questions or thoughts that you might have. Wishing you all a beautiful day and week ahead.



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