Why Your Will Should Be Bigger Than Your Fear



We all have different fears. Some of us more than others. In this talk, I’ll go over what it’s like to have the fear of making the first move when you like someone, and why sometimes, people become afraid and shy more so when they like someone, but tend to be outgoing and very social with most others. Many people are shy at times and very social at other times. But many people might put a label on someone, thinking that they’re either shy, insecure or anti-social or that they’re confident and like a social butterfly. But it’s not one or the other. 

Many people think that because someone gets social anxiety in some situations, that they’re always like that. But the truth is, that some people are only shy when they want something or someone a lot and fear what ifs—what if they don’t like them back, what if they get turned down, and a million other what ifs, but much more than a person might actually fear them, and to the point where their fears will take over and they won’t go after what they want.

It’s important to go after what we want in life, and not to let our fears take over. Fear causes much destruction in life and to ourselves, and once we realize that our fear is what’s really holding us back, we will love life a million times more. Once we understand our areas of weakness, and once we accept ourselves for being imperfect and not expecting ourselves to seem perfect to others, especially when we like them, we will take a big load of of our backs, and love ourselves so much, feel more confident, and be able to handle most if not, all situations when it comes to first encounters, and making that first move. 

Listen to today’s talk below.

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One thought on “Why Your Will Should Be Bigger Than Your Fear

  1. Beautifully Expressed Anne💛
    The need to tear down the “walls” of fear and confussion, has never been more important.

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