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There’s a big hype going on in the community. In case you haven’t heard about it, listen up closely. It’s called The Jewish Headache. What’s interesting about the Jewish headache is that you don’t have to be Jewish to get one. We all get headaches. But a Jewish headache, is different than all other headaches. 
If you want a little history about the Jewish headache, they were created by Jewish men that had to deal with nagging wives. After some time, the Jewish headache became well known amongst Jews, and amongst every other religion as well when it comes to being with someone (whether a man or a woman) that nags all the time.

Being Jewish myself, I’ve succumb to seeing men that I’ve dated get Jewish headaches. I always found it interesting that even people that aren’t Jewish get them. This especially goes for people that are emotionally unavailable. But that’s no surprise really, being that people with commitment phobia or those that are emotionally unavailable tend to avoid confrontation, and talking about your and their emotions and feelings too much.

When people get a Jewish headache, they likely don’t even realize what they’re doing. They don’t realize it’s a Jewish headache, but you will. At least, you will once you’re fully aware of what a Jewish headache actually is. I’m not sure how the Jewish headache was invented. But either way, it exists. I’m sure that every religion might have their own version of a Jewish headache. So the same rules could apply, or they might have their own specific rules. Either way, they’re all basically the same thing. Not real headaches.

When people say that they have a headache, you have to think about the timing of when they’re saying it. If you’re in the middle of discussing a subject that might seem to be irritating someone that you’re dating or in a relationship with (or maybe it’s even with your partner or spouse), and they suddenly claim to have a headache, there’s a good chance that it’s a Jewish headache. If you’re in a relationship or married to someone that tends to complain or nag you a lot, it’s likely that you could develop Jewish headaches.

When someone has a Jewish headache, or at least when they say that they have a headache with or without any actual or genuine head pain, they want to avoid whatever conversation that they’re having. They don’t want to be nagged, and they’d likely prefer to avoid hearing someone’s nonstop complaining. Hearing anyone complain all of the time is bound to get annoying after awhile.

When it comes to dating, being in a relationship, or coequal married to someone who complains all of the time, that person needs to work on themselves. They need to start appreciating the good things that they have in life, instead of concentrating on everything that’s wrong or on what they lack. Nothing’s worse than someone nagging at you all of the time. So if someone is nagging you nonstop, it’s always better to communicate your feelings with them, rather than to develop any type of Jewish headache where you might end up avoiding confrontation and important conversations that should be discussed.

Now that you know a little bit about what a Jewish headache actually is, you’ll be more aware to stop nagging at your partner, complaining all of the time, or creating an extensive state of misery to your partner where they’ll feel that they have a headache all of the time. No one should have a headache all of the time, and we all know that taking too much Tylenol isn’t good for your liver. So for those who are getting frequent headaches (Jewish headaches), stop taking Tylenol, relax your mind, get a hold of yourself, and communicate your feelings to your partner.

Let your partner know that they’re making you close up, because they’re complaining all of the time. Remember though, you can always get more with honey, than with vinegar. In other words, the way that you communicate your feelings to your partner is everything. So you need to not only be cautious with what you say, but how you say it as well. This goes for the people that nag and complain all of the time, and for the people that get all of the Jewish headaches.

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