The Most Important Millennial Workplace Issues



If you look at the numbers closely, you’ll see that millennials dominate modern workplaces. In fact, they’ve been the biggest generation in the workforce for the past few years and their influence on how companies operate continues to increase. However, the shift from baby boomers to millennials also created some new workplace issues that employees across every industry face on a regular basis. With that said, let’s take a closer look at some of the most important millennial workplace issues of today.

Undefined Work Hours

Although the term “9-to-5” still gets a lot of use, it’s general knowledge that millennials now work hours. This is especially the case with more and more of them being remote workers. Although having more flexibility about work hours is generally a good thing, there’s also a negative side to it.

Some millennials tend to make a habit of working late hours which often impacts their performance and makes them more likely to make some mistakes. Not to mention, with work hours being more flexible, the line between work and personal life becomes more blurred, causing more stress and resulting in less time spent with their families. 

Lack of Experience

It’s no secret that many companies look for candidates with at least three years of experience for entry-level positions. The reason behind this is that they want employees that will be able to impact their operations from day one. The problem is, such requirements only cause new graduates to feel discouraged about their chances of getting hired.

As a result, internships have become even more important than they were before and that’s how most millennials have to kick-start their careers. However, this also led to many of them struggling to get hired in their desired field and had to take on jobs they didn’t initially plan to.

Workplace Injuries

Technology continues to advance and there are a number of new machines that employees use at work. Even though manufacturers now have more responsibility to make these things safe to use, workplace injuries are still quite common. This is especially the case in industries in which these machines are used on a daily basis.

If you’re a millennial, it’s important to be aware of these risks and know what to do in case a workplace injury actually occurs. This is why having a number of a renowned compensation lawyer is always a good idea. 

More Distractions

One of the biggest workplace issues that millennials have to deal with is blocking the distractions that can hurt their productivity and make them prone to making mistakes. Just take a look at it this way – most millennials use their smartphones at work and these little things are known to be a real productivity killer.

In fact, according to research, about 70 percent of modern-day employees keep their smartphones within eye contact. Not to mention that the trend of open-plan offices continues to grow and although it comes with its benefits, it also creates more distractions for millennial employees to face.

More Casual Offices

During the last few years, offices have become more casual and the way people show up at work has drastically changed. This led to some millennials believing they can show up at work whenever they want, wearing whatever they want. Etiquettes becoming looser and dress code changes are exactly why millennial workers are often considered disrespectful and overconfident. Although the rules are changing, it’s still a good idea to think about before assuming a certain behavior or action is okay.

Millennials face just as many workplace issues as baby boomers did and many new issues are expected to emerge in the future as well. Being a millennial worker means you have to be aware of these issues and know how not to let them interfere with your work.

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