Why You Should Be With Someone Who Supports Your Goals



There are many reasons why you should or shouldn’t be with someone. And there are many reasons why some couples are happier, where both people thrive in their relationship, while other couples don’t. It’s important to find your best possible match and to work hard towards being the best version of yourself. But it’s also important to work on your relationship, and part of that work means being supportive towards your partner’s goals. 

It’s one thing to say something, but it’s another thing to do it or mean it. When we say that we support our partner in what they do and in what they hope to achieve, we need to follow it up with actions. Anyone can say that they care about their partner’s wants and needs and that they hope they attain their goals. But a truly good partner will not only be a backbone and a rock when or if things should fall apart or even fail, but they should be a strong support system during the uphill battle and towards their destination. Believe me when I say that the outcome could differ greatly if you have the right partner and the right support system at home.

If you’re dating someone, and you see right away that they don’t support what you do for work or that they don’t believe in your dreams, they’re not the right match. And the same goes for when you’re in a relationship. A relationship is not marriage. Pay attention to all legit red flags and don’t sweep them under the rug. An unsupportive partner isn’t a good one. You should never settle for the wrong match by forcing things to work when you’re dating or in a relationship. Be with someone who believes in you and who’s going to be your best friend and your biggest fan. You should be with someone who will stay with you through hardship, good times, and bad. I’m sure that we’d all like to be there in the end when things are perfect and la di da, but it takes a good person and a truly wonderful partner to be there with you through the process, and not merely in the end to enjoy the rewards.

Let’s say that someone uses their sarcasm and supposed witty personality to make light of what you’re doing with your life or of the goals you have, stop dating them. And if you’re dating someone who puts you or what you’re doing down, even if it’s simply because they don’t understand it, stop dating them as well. They say that you should do what makes you happy in life. And I wholeheartedly agree, you should do something that makes you happy, but if you have the wrong partner, they likely won’t give you the love and support that you need to stay on your designated path, and they definitely won’t push you towards going even further. They’ll likely distract you, kill your inspiration, and make you feel deflated where you might even find it hard to keep going at times. Whereas the right partner will make you feel uplifted, optimistic, stronger, and even more determined to go after what you want, and at certain times, to keep going when you might feel like giving up.

Last but not least, I don’t know about you, but when I’m with someone, it’s imperative that I feel their love and support in things that I’m passionate about. In other words, if I’m striving really hard and giving my time, my effort, and my love to something that I really care about, I hope that I have a partner that would support me, rather than put me down or make me feel like what’s the point.

A while back I went on a date with someone who had a successful career and loved what they did and I was fully supportive. But when he’d ask about what I’m doing in my work, in my writing and how my websites are now turning into a promising business, he made remarks that were so pessimistic and sarcastic, and to put it simply, he made me feel like crap. You see, even if you feel good about what you’re doing, it can still take a toll on you when people put you down or don’t believe in you. And although it may push you even harder to attain your goals by them not believing in you, it can still affect you to some degree. He didn’t believe in me for one second and I knew this by what he said, and how he basically laughed in my face.

By the way, if you know my personality, then you should know that when you’re on my bad side or when you’ve done something to upset or hurt me, I do voices when I repeat what someone says in quotes. In other words, I’m a fabulous impersonator, or at least I think I am. Smiling over here… So if you heard me telling this story in person, you’d hear my voice change deeper to sound like an arrogant, pompous fool who wasn’t acting like a good partner as I’d repeat how he laughed at me or smiles, chuckled, and made me feel completely unloved and unsupported.

“Are you still posting all of your rants on that site of yours? I haven’t seen any rants for a while.” Or maybe when he said, “Huh, ha, ha, what do you make selling backlinks, $150,000 each? Ha, ha, you should take me out!” Yea, dumbass. Anyway! It’s never good to belittle someone’s hard work, their goals, and anything that they’re passionate about. And even more so, when you don’t know them very well. Which brings me to the last few sentences of this article. Be with someone who gives you the emotional love and support that you deserve. Be with that one special someone who believes in you, and who views your dreams as goals. And finally, you should inspire one another, motivate each other, and give each other the strength to go after your goals in life, and you should do so hand-in-hand, and with loving, empathetic, and compassionate hearts.

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