4 Things to Do When Your SO Is Busy


Let me start out by saying that, if I wasn’t all sugar and spice, than I would tell you right off the bat to just get a life. But being that I am, not to mention incredibly humble, I created a list of four things to do when your significant other is busy and can’t give you the attention that you want or need. And just for the record, getting enough attention from your partner should go without saying. We all should make time for our loved ones and for everything that’s truly important to us in life. Balance is imperative in every healthy relationship, and really, in all aspects of your life if you truly want to maximize your happiness and success. And remember, the last thing that you want is for your partner to think that you’re needy or unhappy—so don’t be! The best way to prevent that from happening, is by staying active and by being happy and busy when you’re by yourself.

Here’s a list of four things to do when your SO is busy.

1. Embrace your alone time.


Some people would beg for a little alone time once in awhile. If you have the chance to get some alone time, embrace it for the love of G-d! And speaking of G-d, pray and try meditating. It can relieve stress, make you feel more inner peace and happiness, and it’s something that you usually need some alone time to do. Learn to enjoy being by yourself and doing some things alone. Have you ever gone to a movie alone? I have, and I used to go so much more, but unfortunately have become addicted to Netflix. But generally, many times people will go alone to movies and love it! There’s nothing wrong with doing things by yourself. And just because you’re alone sometimes, doesn’t mean that you have to be lonely.

When people are lonely, and they just sit around not doing anything, it can take a toll on their relationship in  many ways. They might end up becoming overweight by eating bad foods—just because they’re bored, they may end up over-thinking and analyzing every little thing in their life and in their relationship— again, simply because they’re bored. Don’t be that person who doesn’t enjoy some alone time. Alone time is there for you to tend to your own needs. Be selfish, spoil yourself, do things that your partner might not be interested in when you’re alone, and do things to make yourself happy. It’s not selfish to make yourself happy and to feel good once in awhile . Find out what you like by opening up your mind, exploring new activities, and by being open to trying new things.

2. Work, clean, and get things done.

Do whatever you can to do your share of thing in your relationship. All relationships need balance, like I said above. That means that you either need to work just like your partner, or you need to do other things that will enhance your life in and out of your relationship. If you work at home or outside, you’ll obviously will be somewhat busy as well. But if you don’t work, then you need to take care of other things around your home like cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, and getting whatever errands done that are needed. Don’t sit back being lazy or unmotivated in life. It will only put more weight on yourself and on your relationship.

Learn to find happiness in being busy yourself. Make a list of things to do—and do them. As well, if you’re with the type of partner who’s generally very busy, and if they’re also making the time for you whenever possible, you’re likely in a healthy relationship and they’re doing their part. Therefore, you should feel naturally inspired by how motivated and driven they are, and try to reflect their positive ways by being driven and motivated yourself. You should get inspired to do more in life when you’re truly in a happy and healthy situation, and definitely, when your partner is very driven in life.

Just to add to that, you can always be extra sweet and loving to your partner by asking them if they need any help or if there’s anything that you can do to help them out with work or other needs to help take some of the weight off of their shoulders. And if you’re married or a homemaker, you should be doing your share of work around the house like cooking and cleaning, or even learning to be a better parent for your children if you have them. There’s always something to do when you’re a stay at home wife/husband/partner/parent. And make sure you know what your partner’s wants and needs are, so that you can be an all around great partner and bring things to the table as well.

3. Create a small social circle.

Make friends and be open to meeting new people to talk and spend time with. Don’t let your partner be the only person in your life. And even if you or your partner loves being consumed with one another, but for some reason you still crave more attention than they’re able to give, you need to make a life outside of your relationship—and that obviously doesn’t mean by being shady or cheating. So the first step to do that, is to be open to making new friends. Be friendly, kind, and loving, and yes, even to strangers. 
When you meet a sweet person, keep the conversation flowing, ask questions, and exchange numbers.

Friendships need maintaining just as much as relationships. Put the extra effort into maintaining those friendships by saying hello here and there, sending a small text at least a couple times a week, calling once in awhile, and by making plans—and keeping them. No one likes a flake. Go out with those friends when your partner is busy or can’t join in. You shouldn’t have to depend on your partner being by your side nonstop or all of the time. You should feel happy and whole on your own, and learn to enjoy some time apart, and yes, even if you generally love being super close and glued to one another for the most part.

4. Work out and stay active.


Take care of yourself. Be healthy inside and out. Perfect your body, or at least, strive towards perfecting it. Eat a predominantly healthy diet and stay active. Working out doesn’t have to be hard when you’re staying active doing something that you enjoy. Like I said before, explore new activities and find new hobbies. But also, try to find some hobbies and activities that will make you feel more alive and less lazy or bored. Get that morning coffee in. Do things that will boost your energy, pump up your adrenaline, and burn calories, but have fun while doing so.

Working out will not only improve your energy, but it will improve your mood as well. And do it for yourself, and not for the mere frosting of how much your partner might love your sexy new bod. Do something that will be fun, spontaneous, and exciting. Invite a friend or do something fun alone, but most importantly, have a great time while staying active. But definitely, stay active, and learn to jump out of the bed each morning, and to the point where you love and embrace your life and your alone time.

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