The Best Places To Stay in Iowa



Whether you’re planning a trip from across the country or you’re looking for a vacation spot a short distance away, Iowa should be on your list of places to at the very least visit. The state calls itself home to an array of popular tourist locales that you could definitely make some good memories of while visiting. In fact, if you plan to stop in Iowa or travel there specifically, narrowing down where exactly to travel is a task that could benefit from some suggestions.


If you’re a baseball fan or even just someone who loves nostalgia, Dyersville is the place for you. As the setting of the iconic Field of Dreams, this spot is sure to remind you of weekend mornings curled up on the couch watching movies or afternoons spent out on the baseball diamond. In addition to checking out the space where scenes in the movie were filmed, you can also visit the new stadium, which was home to the famous game between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees in 2021.

Sioux City

Vacationers looking for a more urban vibe can benefit from a trip to Sioux City. Representatives from the Warrior Hotel Autograph Collection Hotels recommend checking out the delicious restaurants in the area. Sioux City is also home to a vibrant art scene, and you can travel to historical sites and museums as well. A cultured experience awaits tourists who choose this area.

Des Moines

If you really want to get to the heart of the city scene in Iowa, you’ll check out Des Moines, which is, of course, the state’s capital. Sign up for a tour at the Iowa Statehouse, or venture down to the Science Center of Iowa. Since Des Moines is home to its own airport, your traveling experience can be one with ease. Fly right into the city in which you’re vacationing.

Clear Lake

On your vacation, you may want to relax and get closer to nature. Choosing to visit Clear Lake is a smart place to go then. You can spend your days swimming in the water and relaxing on the shore. At night, during the summer months, you can stroll over to Thursdays on Main, which is an event for adults and kids alike. You’ll find entertainment for the whole family at this weekly happening.

Of course, this list is merely a starting point when it comes to planning how your stay in the Hawkeye State can or should go. There may even be places or attractions not included that you want to visit. Overall, Iowa is a state with diverse regions and a lot of opportunities for you to enjoy. Whether you want to have an upscale vacation in an urban area or a more playful experience at the shore for the family, you can find what you’re looking for in Iowa. In fact, another possibility is to make a few different stops so that you can experience all the state has to offer during your trip.


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