5 Things You Can Do to Become Closer With Your Partner



If you want anything good and of value in life, it takes a certain amount of love, work, effort, time, and patience. If you choose the right partner and if you fall in love with your best possible match, you should be best friends with one another. Or at least, you should try to become closer so you become best friends. Closeness is everything in a relationship. We should always try to improve our relationships by doing our part in them, as well as by being the best version of ourselves. Having said that, being very close is great! Sharing things, being open, honest, sweet, loving, affectionate—these are all great things. However, being too close or clingy isn’t a good thing. There should be balance and a healthy amount of space in a relationship as well as a good amount of closeness. In this article, I want to focus on some of the things that couples can do to become closer with their partner, and bring more love into their relationship.

Here’s a List of 5 Things Couples Can Do to Become Closer

1. Focus on giving, rather than receiving

A healthy and happy relationship involves two people who are givers. In other words, two people who love to give to one another and who tend to be givers rather than takers. It also involves a certain amount of give and take. Remember, balance is very important. Having said that, don’t become the type of person who endlessly gives, but isn’t open to, willing to, or comfortable with receiving. And if you think it isn’t necessary to take or receive sometimes, then you’re wrong. Being a giver is great but that doesn’t mean that you and how you feel should take a backseat, and definitely not all of the time. We should always desire for our partner to feel happy and satisfied in our relationship. Give inside and outside of the bedroom. Get to know your partner on a deeper level by openly talking and listening to what they like and what makes them feel loved the most, then do those things!

2. Do something fun together

Although stability is important in a relationship, keeping things interesting, spicy, and fun is important as well. Try to do things to spice up your relationship and to keep things interesting. Anyone could get bored from the same old routine. It could be anything from keeping your intimate life exciting by trying new things, wearing new lingerie or changing things up a bit, to going on a day trip together, cooking together, or enjoying a romantic walk together by the beach. Be a little spontaneous once in a while and do something out of the ordinary. Find some activities that you both enjoy and do them together.

3. Evening walks together

Nothing brings closeness more than spending quality time with your partner. Hold hands, with a little light conversation or not, no words really have to be spoken when there’s moonlight, and some stars to frost up the sky. Embrace this beautiful world, along with the love you share with your partner by taking a walk together in the evenings. Perhaps after dinner, rather than turning on the TV every night. Do something healthy and something more than sitting down staring into a box (or a wall). As your holding hands, look over at your partner, gaze into their sparkling eyes, and you might just notice how close they’ll feel to you in that moment. Embrace that.

4. Improve your communication

Be a better listener, and if you’re the quiet type and aren’t expressing your feelings to your partner enough, do so! Express them, and tell each other how you feel. Address issues when they’re small, nip things in the bud, and learn how to communicate better with one another. Listen when your partner talks, and try to understand how they’re feeling. Both of your feelings matter, and you both should feel heard. It’s important to care about each other enough that you can speak openly, freely, and without having to walk on eggshells because one or both parties reacts poorly or judges when they should really be listening with love and an open heart and mind. Remember, this is your partner, so treat them like one by listening and communicating to the best of your abilities. All it takes is a little love and effort.

Another thing that’s important to remember, is that these days people are texting way too much and calling less and less. And to top it off, they’re texting things that are deep and intense, when certain conversations should only be had either in person or on the phone. Text messages are a great way to express your love and to make someone feel special in a moment. And these days especially, being that everyone is on their phone a bit much. However, texting your love sweet things can definitely brighten their day. But if you make the time to say hello to your loved one on the phone, at least occasionally, I’m sure they’d appreciate it so much more. There’s something to be said about hearing your darling’s voice on the other end of the line.

5. Date night

This “date night” idea seems to be becoming a thing for many of my articles, and there’s a good reason why! It’s imperative to have at least one night a week where you can focus on each other and keep the fire alive in your relationship. Some people say they want more than one date night a week, while others say that they don’t even have time for a date night. Make the time for whatever’s important to you. It’s crucial to make time to maintain the love and happiness in your relationship. Do sweet gestures, and make reservations, buy or pick flowers, write poetry, love notes on Post-its or paper towels, walk together, cuddle, and enjoy a candlelight dinner and a lovely dance to some old tunes in your living room. Wrap yourselves up in each other’s arms, embrace your love, and appreciate what you have together.

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