When Beautiful New Beginnings Take a Turn for the Worse


One of the best parts of being in a new relationship is that honeymoon phase. That early time when both people are crazy into one another, where their love thrives, and where they nearly feel as if their frisbee is flying high. I can’t imagine that there’s one single soul out there who doesn’t thrive in the honeymoon stage. And when couples are smart, they’ll try as hard as they possibly can to make that honeymoon phase last as long as possible. And I’m definitely one who believes that if you do the right things throughout your relationship, and put the same the love and effort into caring for and maintaining your relationship as you did in the beginning, your honeymoon phase can last for a lifetime. Having said that, unfortunately, sometimes people don’t maintain their relationships, and things end up taking a turn for the worse.

It’s important to have a good idea of what you’re getting into when you explore a new relationship. You need to have some sense of what to expect. However, that doesn’t mean that you should have unreasonable or unrealistic expectations from your partner or from your relationship. But more so, it means that you should understand that happy and healthy relationships take a certain amount of hard work, including putting a certain amount of effort and love into things not only in the beginning but throughout your relationship. But the problem is, that when couples stop trying, stop working on themselves, and stop putting love and effort into their partner and in their relationship, issues and problems tend to arise.

Every relationship should have a honeymoon phase, and they should all start out with a beautiful new beginning. But when couples aren’t willing to do what it takes to make their happiness last, things are bound to fall apart. If you’re in a new relationship, you need to be willing to work on yourself as an individual, and you should believe in self-improvement. As well, you should focus on being giving, selfless, and loving to your partner to the max. Learn how your partner wants to be loved, instead of how “you think” your partner wants to be loved. And if you don’t know, ask your partner what makes them feel loved the most.

One of the best things that couples can do early on, is have a light conversation about what makes one another feel loved the most. One of the best ways of maintaining the love in a relationship, and making a beautiful new beginning last a lifetime, is by knowing just how your partner wants to be loved, and what makes each other feel loved the most. And once you know, give it your all, and keep focusing on giving, rather than receiving.

Another thing that couples can do in order to make the happiness in their new relationship last a lifetime, is by concentrating on what they have in their relationship, as well as focusing on the positive qualities that your partner has. When couples focus on what they have, instead of on what they lack in one another, as well as in their relationship, they tend to appreciate their partner and their relationship a lot more. When we appreciate what we have, we feel happy and thankful. But when couples focus on what they lack and on what’s missing in their relationship or in their partner for that matter, they tend to be unhappy, and their relationship takes a quick turn for the worse. Remember, there are many things that you can do in order to make a beautiful new beginning stay beautiful, as long as you’re both willing to work on improving your relationship, you’ll be way ahead of the game, and your chances for long-term happiness will be great.

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