Dating Your Complete Opposite


Last night while I quickly grabbed a last minute meal with a good friend, I started thinking, can two people actually be incredibly compatible when they’re total opposites? I think yes. You can definitely be incredibly compatible with someone that you’re friends with when your total opposites. But again, I believe this to be the case only when you’re friends. I don’t think that you can truly be with someone for life and in a romantic way when you’re entirely opposites in your way of thinking, in your approach, and in your lifestyle.

You can be compatible and get along, have great communication, have fun together, be great friends, and even enjoy some of the same things with someone that you’re complete opposites with. But on a romantic level, you can’t necessarily survive a stable and satisfying relationship if you’re going to disagree on everything – even if you know how to disagree without jumping down each other’s throats.

In a healthy relationship, there needs to be some sort of common ground where you’ll be on the same page more often than not. You should feel a connection to one another on as many levels as possible, where you truly enjoy not all, but most things together. It’s also imperative to ultimately want the same things in your future, where lifestyle plays a big factor, as well as goals that you and your partner may have.

I think that this is why many times people are only open to dating people who share the same political beliefs as them, the same religion, the same culture, or even those that are family oriented if that’s something important to them. There are many things that people look for in a partner, and when they’re not on the same page with any of those or other types of things as such, they prefer not to give situations a chance. In this case, I’d have to pretty much agree with that.

I don’t believe in giving situations a chance when they’re not promising, and if certain views of a person are entirely different than yours. If you find it essential to be on the same page in certain areas, then you shouldn’t give things a chance. The reason being is that it’s clearly not a promising situation – at least not in your eyes. You can’t really date someone that’s not similar to you in many ways, at least not in the important ways that matter to you. Having said that, many times opposites do attract, but either only for a certain period of time or perhaps they’re just opposites on things that aren’t heavy and important issues. 

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