When Your Partner Never Wants to Go Out


For the most part, many people are set in their ways. Even the types of people that are open towards changing their ways to some degree, there are some people that simply won’t budge no matter how much they’re into their partner. Having said that, we really shouldn’t try to change people to suit our lives better so that we’re happier. If anything, when we’re with our best possible match, things should flow to some degree, and we should feel pretty much compatible for the most part.

There are many types of people that prefer to stay in, instead of going out. These types of people are either introverts, workaholics, people with social anxiety, or they might even just be the types that simply prefer to stay in and relax behind their own closed doors. Not all, but many people that are like this, are also somewhat antisocial to some degree. And when these types of people choose to be social, it’s usually in the comfort of their own home.

What’s really hard is when you find a great match, but you’re more of the social butterfly type, and they’re the type that likes to stay in. I truly believe that moderation is ultimately the key to everything in life, including when you’re in a relationship, and as far as going out or staying in. Couples need to learn how to compromise, so that both people will be happy in their relationships. So what I’m basically saying, is that two people don’t necessarily have to be exactly the same in this regard. One person can be a social butterfly and love to go out, as long as they’re open to staying in at least half of the time, so that their partner is also comfortable and satisfied in their relationship.

Both people in a relationship need to feel O.K. about compromising on something as such. But sometimes and unfortunately, couples don’t agree when they have such different views on this matter. But when couples aren’t willing to compromise, then there’s really not much you can do, unless one person is willing to completely change themselves in order to please their partner. But if you or your partner aren’t willing to change, then you’re likely going to have to end your relationship.

The best method is always to compromise in relationships. But truth be told, you shouldn’t have to change someone in order for them to be your best possible match. When you’re with your best possible match, you’ll naturally be compatible in most areas, even when you disagree on some things. And it’s definitely better when you’re with a partner that’s easy going, open to variety, and enjoys keeping things interesting. Like I said before, moderation can bring about a lot of happiness, because it gives you much more of an opportunity to take turns and compromise, so that both people in a relationship will be satisfied.

One-sided relationships don’t really work. And this even goes for when one person is willing to change them self in order to please their partner and keep them satisfied. Both people should be equally satisfied and happy in a relationship. If you’re with a partner that prefers to stay in all of the time, and rarely, if ever, enjoys going out, and it’s very important to you, then maybe you should rethink your relationship, because maybe you’re not really the best possible match for one another. When someone loves you, they’ll be willing to do things that are outside of their comfort zone. As well, they’ll desire to do things that will make you feel happy, even when they’re things that they don’t like or prefer. True love is selfless.

Even when couples say that they love their partner so much, that they’ll do anything for them, and even when they say that they’re open to changing themselves in order to please their partner, just for the mere fact of having them in their life and staying in a relationship with them, at some point, they might have a change of heart or feel that their relationship is one-sided. They might eventually explode with resentment from doing something that’s completely out of their comfort zone—and even worse, when it’s on a regular basis, knowing that they desire the total opposite.

It’s important to think very carefully when you make the decision to change yourself in order to please your partner. But like I said, when you and your partner are truly compatible, you’ll never have to change yourself in order to please them or vice versa. In a healthy and happy relationship, things should flow and come naturally. And besides, when two people love each other enough, they should be willing to compromise so that they’re both happy.

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