The Detox Diet for the Soul


There are many things that we can all do to enhance our lives for the better. Just like anything else, deep soul cleansing comes from within. It’s important to be a whole person and to love yourself fully and completely. You should embrace who you are as a person, what you look like, and be thankful for all that you have in life. In this life, we’re gifted. However, many people take these little gifts that we’re given for granted. By little gifts, I’m referring to our eyesight, our hearing, our mobility, our ability to function, to think, and even breathe. Not such little gifts when you think about it, huh. Exactly. We need to be appreciative of all of those gifts, and all of the ones that I failed to mention. Appreciate what you have, because life can change in a mere instant. 

It’s imperative to kill negative thoughts the second that they come to mind and to change that negative pattern of thinking that you might be used to, and to basically change pessimistic and negative thoughts into positive ones. We should all strive to become more spiritually enlightened individuals. The point of life is happiness. In order to attain a stable type of happiness, we need to improve our lifestyle and way of living. Once you feel that you’re somewhat of a whole person and can appreciate what you have in life, there are a few other things that can be done as well to create and maintain a sense of happiness.

For one, you need to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are positive, enlightened, and who for the most part are appreciative and in good spirits themselves. You should avoid negative and toxic people, and definitely avoid toxic relationships whenever possible. It doesn’t matter who those toxic types of people are in your life, because whether friends, family, or even acquaintances, negative people and behaviours can bring you down in life, and take away from your happiness.

Secondly, it’s important to develop some type of stable workout routine, and take care of your body to the best of your ability. Staying active is a big part of living a predominantly healthy lifestyle and for creating happiness. As well as having and maintaining a good workout routine, you should also eat a diet that consists of a lot of water, and nutritious food as much as possible. Don’t deprive yourself, because just like anything good in life, moderation is key. Therefore, you should indulge in moderation. Another important thing is to get an adequate amount of REM sleep. Go to bed on a happy note. Choose to be at peace when you lay your head down to rest.

Finally, it’s important to do things that make you happy. This goes for what you do in life as far as work, and in business. But, it also goes for what kinds of hobbies you do, or any type of activities that interest you. We all have the power to do what we want in life, and we’re the ones that are in charge of ourselves, our minds, our hearts, and our bodies. In case you’re questioning why I said in our “hearts,” it’s because although many people think that you can’t choose who you fall in love with, I tend to disagree.

We decide who we let into our lives, our hearts, in our souls, and just who we give our time to. We have the choice to say yes or no when we feel there’s a situation we’d like to explore. We make the final decision whether to either date someone, explore a relationship with someone, or even marry someone. No one is holding a gun to our heads, and no one runs the show for anyone else, except themselves. In other words, we have the power to do what we want in life and to create a happier and healthier lifestyle if we so choose.


We all have a choice in life. We can create happiness and a strong sense of self-love or live in self-pity, feeling miserable. Make the choice to be happy, and embrace the opportunity to live. We have this gift of life that’s filled with wonderful and endless opportunities. Make the most of it by making the choice to detox from your past, let go of what’s gone, to live in the present moment.
Smile and be thankful for what you have. It’s important that we all make the decision to change our lives for the better and to continuously learn and grow into individuals with the intention of becoming happier, and more enlightened.

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3 thoughts on “The Detox Diet for the Soul

  1. As you grow, you may experience more than one detox. They say people never change but if you advance in health, emotionally and spiritually, you need people in your life who share your ideas and goals. Most if us are advancing, one way or another as we learn our life lessons.

  2. I love this post. All of the things you have mentioned are the things everyone should implement in their everyday lives. Also your writing tone is very calm and relaxing, which I enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.

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