How It Feels to Watch Others Become Successful


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There are times in life when you might feel as if you’re not getting anywhere, and as if no matter how hard you try, and no matter how hard you’re working towards your goals, nothing seems to be happening. Working hard and being determined, while striving towards your goals and stopping at nothing until you achieve them, is what we should all be doing. But many times in the process, we’ll see that others are succeeding, and many times, even appearing to do so without little effort or in less time. Being that we can control our emotions and that we have the power to make good or bad choices, it leaves us with the choice to view other people’s accomplishments and success as an inspiration or to feel envy, jealousy, and bitterness. 

Choosing good over evil, light over darkness, being selfless over being selfish, and choosing love over hate, isn’t always easy, despite that it’s the right thing to do. I’ve never claimed to be perfect, because I’m not. I’ve never claimed to be completely enlightened, because I’m not. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in life, and I even do so, to this very day. However, I strive for perfection, I strive towards my goals, and every single day, I strive to be a better person and towards becoming more enlightened. I haven’t always chosen good over evil or right over wrong, but I try to learn from my mistakes, move forward, and strive towards my goals, while also trying not to hurt anyone along the way.

It hasn’t always been an easy road for me personally, and I can’t imagine that it’s been easy for anyone else either. Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing, and that goes for everything in life in regards to any choices that you make, as well as any path that you take. This is why it’s imperative to view things as short term darkness and long-term light, as opposed to short term light and long-term darkness. Nothing good in life comes easy, and many times the best things in life are worth the struggle and hardship.

Just remember to focus on your main goal, and whatever that is, don’t give up. If you never stop trying, and you never stop pushing yourself towards your goals and what you want in life, you’ll eventually get there, even though it might not be in the timeframe that you may prefer—you’ll still get there eventually. And the more effort, the more hard work, and more so, when you choose the righteous path, which you know to be the better choice, you’ll get there, and you’ll feel proud in the end, as opposed to guilty or as if you’ve cheated somehow. Nothing is worse than having to live with guilt. That’s why you need to do things in the right manner from the very get-go, and not try to take shortcuts or cheat your way to the top.

Try to view others’ success as inspirational, instead of feeling envious towards them forgetting to where you want to be. Acknowledge the achievements of others, feel proud of them, but never envious. Envy is aligned with jealousy and hate, and it can only cause destruction to others, but more so, to yourself. Don’t be in competition with others, but more so, be in competition with yourself. If you want something bad enough in life, you have to be willing to watch others succeed, without feeling hatred towards them, but rather view them as an inspiration. And if you do so, you’ll start to see the light, and it will likely make you push yourself even harder to get to where you want to be. 

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