When Your Ego Takes Over



Many times in life, we’re faced with opportunities that are only available to us if we give up certain things. There are also times in life where we feel regret for not having given those things up and taken advantage of those opportunities when we had them. Later on, we end up feeling as if we’ve missed out on something that “could’ve been” great. This is why it’s imperative to think, before making any big decisions in life, to weigh out the good and the bad, to consider all possible consequences, and to make decisions based on the facts, on logic, and while putting our ego aside. 

Our ego can keep us from where we want to be in life, if we let it. Arrogance is ugly, but that’s not what I’m writing this article about, because whether or not someone has an ego, they still have the ability to choose which path to take in life. Opportunities don’t come around all of the time, and especially good opportunities. Sometimes, we just need to take a chance, and see what happens, as long as we do so with caution, and not carelessly.

It’s important to know the difference between a big decision that could affect our lives completely, from a decision that isn’t as important. When it comes to anything in life, it’s imperative to think before you act, even when it comes to the way that you speak and the words that you say. Our words are powerful, just as our actions, and sometimes even more so. You see, our words have the power to bring love or hate, and to make decisions that could change the way that we live. Always think before you talk, and definitely, always think before you make big decisions. 

If you have a great opportunity right before you, a lot of times, it involves giving up certain things and compromising, so you need to put your ego aside, and recognize when it’s your ego that’s doing the thinking, rather than your logic. Never make decisions based on your ego, because that’s when you’ll end up feeling guilt or regret later on in life. You should never have to regret big choices that you make in life. And it can all be prevented by thinking things thoroughly ahead of time.

Good opportunities are rare. Sometimes it’s all about listening to our instinctive feeling and gut instinct. However, just make sure that your instinct isn’t driven by your ego. Arrogance can be very destructive in many ways, including things that pertain to business. Think, be cautious, listen to your instinct, and when you have to compromise, do so, because many times, we don’t get a second chance, especially when it comes to having certain things.

Remember, just like relationships are all about give and take, and being able to compromise, the same goes for business decisions. Sometimes, in order to have what you want, and in order to achieve certain goals, you need to be willing to give up certain things. Just remember, those things that you have to give up shouldn’t be anything that you’d consider morally or ethically wrong, because you will have to live with your decisions, and you need to feel proud in the end. 

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