Miles Apart Hours Away



Miles away

But you hear me just fine.

I hear the echo of our song

And I know that you’re mine.

I wonder where you are

I wonder why you’re there.

Why you’re so far away

And why you’re not lying here.

Miles apart

Hours away

In my heart

That’s where you’ll stay.

Do you ever miss me.

Do you even recall.

Swept up in your arms

I gave you my all.

Nothing seems right

Nothing’s right when you’re gone.

The feelings are empty

Though the real ones are strong.

I know that you care

You tell me you do.

It took you so long

But now I see that it’s true.

Walking side by side

Sitting there as we fell

Talking up a storm.

Being apart feels like Hell

You looked into my eyes.

I looked into your soul.

Deeper every second

Our depth is out of control.

Miles apart

Hours away

In my heart

That’s where you’ll stay.

Loving is easy

When loving your best friend.

Loving you completes me.

It’s you and me in the end.

I wish I could hear you

Wish you’d knock on my door.

To touch and adore you.

To feel you once more.

It’s out of my hands

Just like, you’re out of touch.

I obey your every command

I love you that much.

Next time you listen

In the wind, as it roars.

Just know, my heart is aching.

I’m hiding indoors.

Locked away in silence

Locked up here with you.

Memories are madness

Light eyes turned dark blue.

Miles apart

Hours away

In my heart

That’s where you’ll stay.

I sit here and write this

Not to fill up the time.

Don’t ever forget

I’m yours and you’re mine.

Miles apart

Hours away

Hold on through distance

Please baby stay.


Anne Cohen
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3 thoughts on “Miles Apart Hours Away

  1. Anne, when I read your poem it felt like you wrote it to me. The poem was very meaningful to me on a deep level as well. I just wanted to let you know that, and, as well, that your positivity and FB pics always make me smile, and feel good. Thanks for your unbridled energy, it reminds me of who I once was, and who I am trying to be again. Love and Light and all good things to you, always! Love Jim Coatsworth

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