The Moment That You Wish You’d Met Sooner


When you get into a new relationship, many times you just wish in that moment, when you’re feeling so much love for the other person, that only if you would’ve met them sooner… Many times the mere fact of wanting to have known someone or start your relationship earlier on will drive you so mad, and leave you with regret, because you’ll realize how much time has been lost and you’re focused more on what if you’d met earlier, and how much ahead in your relationship and in your life you would’ve been. This is such a bad approach.

Many times, we focus on the past and what if’s, and it takes us out of the moment, and out of what’s going on and happening in our life right now. It kills are happy spirits, and instead of concentrating on all of the things that we have and that we finally have our partner, and our lover in our life, we focus on how much we would’ve preferred it to have started when we were younger and earlier on. 

It’s important to focus on the positives, and on the things that you have in your life. If you’re lucky enough to have found the love of your life, then you should focus on that, and only that. Focus on today, and make plans for tomorrow. But enjoy the moment, embrace today, and be happy that you have a partner like the one that have and have always dreamed of. Focus your love and attention and how good things are now, instead of dragging your feelings from the past or what could have or would have been if you’d started your relationship sooner. 

Despite how silly this might sound, many times couples start dating, and then stop for a long time, because perhaps the timing was wrong or because they merely weren’t ready when they had started dating before. And they pay so much attention to the fact that so much time had been lost, and they endlessly concern themselves to the point where they’re living in the past, instead of what they have now, and appreciating their present situation. 

Sometimes, the timing is just wrong. Even if you met someone along time ago, or dated them even, everything happens for a reason, and that’s something that we all need to know and remember. Feel good about your choices in life, and live without regret. You should never have to regret not being ready to be with someone for whatever reason that you weren’t. Instead, enjoy your partner and embrace your love for them until eternity. Never let your past weigh you down, or feel that you’ve lost time with your partner. Just enjoy the fact that God blessed you with this beautiful love, and enjoy it with all of your might and soul. 

On that note, remember that you should feel good about today and the choices that you make in life. When you start to concern yourself with the past and for not being ready when you were younger or when you used to date, you’re missing out on how beautiful things are right now. And that’s why I wanted to spread this message around, and to tell you that you should appreciate what you have now, and be thankful for this beautiful love that you’ve been blessed with. Life is too short to worry about what was or what could’ve been.

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