When a Man’s Word Means Nothing


When a man breaks his word, he loses a woman’s faith, her trust, and her belief that he will ever be honest again. Trust is something sacred, just like a woman who is willing to give a man her time, her effort, her nurture, her body, and most of all, her love. To be with a man who is dishonest or untrustworthy, is to waste your time. Sometimes, you simply shouldn’t give someone the time of day, a second chance, or the very essence of your soul.

Be strong. Stick to your guns. When you decide to leave someone who lied to you, set a good example by not becoming like them. Keep your word, and walk away from that toxic situation, and don’t look back. Especially, when that person has broken your trust multiple times. When someone has broken your trust many times before, there comes a point where you need to stop giving that person chances.

Think about it. How many times will you put up with someone letting you down. So what if they claim to love you, because their words are meaningless when there’s no substance to back them up. Why should the mere words “I love you” have any meaning whatsoever when their actions don’t back them up. And when someone lies often, and you continuously forgive them, and they not only don’t learn from their mistakes, but they continue to keep lying and letting you down, you are to blame for not having enough self respect. You can’t change the ways of others, you can only change yourself, and just how much you’re willing to let slide. 

Why should you settle for someone who hurts you and takes you for granted. Someone who makes promises that they don’t keep. Someone who doesn’t feel remorse, and show it through improving themselves. Why waste any more of your time. Love yourself enough to know when it’s time to walk away from a dead end situation. Love someone who will love and value you enough not to make promises that they don’t intend on keeping. Love someone who will be true to their word, and show you their love with their actions, and not merely with their empty words. 

When someone lies, makes promises that they don’t keep, or keeps you in the dark about important matters, they’re not loving you the way that you deserve to be loved. They may tell you that they love you or say whatever they might think will make you want to stick around. But listen when I tell you that love is selfless, not selfish. Real agape love is selfless. When people take you or your trust for granted by misleading you, not keeping their word, or even blatantly lying, they’re loving you selfishly, and they clearly don’t value, respect, or love you enough.

If this sounds like someone who you’re in a relationship with, you will end up being hurt a lot more down the line if you postpone a break up. And the last thing that you’ll need after being in relationship that lacked honesty and trust is a big baggage of trust issues. Love yourself enough to leave when the glass is broken, and when the trust is gone. Last but not least, you deserve better!

Anne Cohen
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