When Someone Isn’t Worthy of Your Love


Nothing is worse than when someone plays mind games with someone that they’re dating. There are many ways that people take advantage of others in order to get what they want, one of which is playing mind games. Another way that people take advantage of others is by making them believe that their intentions are pure, when they’re not. But what I find to be really sad is that many people play mind games, have ulterior motives, bad intentions, and they not only play with someone’s emotions, but they take advantage of them on an intimate level as well.

Many people make promises that they don’t keep. And if you think that it doesn’t get worse than that, many people are well aware that the promises that they make they won’t be keeping. Then there are the types of people that have good intentions, make promises, but simply never follow through. We all know someone like that! Unfortunately, there are many types of toxic people in the world. And there are many types of people that don’t care who they hurt or affect along the way, as long as they get what they want.

Many times people are that selfish and want what they want bad enough, that they’ll do nearly anything in order to get it. It’s sad, but I’ve had to give a lot of advice and comfort to many people because of the damage that these types of people have been doing to others. And of course, it’s not that I mind giving advice or being a shoulder to cry on, but it’s just sad that there are so many people in this world that are so selfish and consumed with their own wants and needs, to the point where they could care less how they make others feel.

For those who have been hurt by someone who took advantage of them in any way, I want to shed some light and wisdom on to you as much as I can in this article.

No one should treat you poorly. You have a choice of who you let become close to you. You are in charge of you. You need to remember that you are the boss and the one who decides if someone is the right match for you or not. You should only give your trust to those who are trustworthy. You should only spend your time with those who will appreciate it and you. And you should only let yourself develop feelings and open up to someone who you feel safe with, and after knowing that they feel the same and are willing to open up to you as well. Don’t settle for someone who won’t be good to you. KNOW that YOU deserve BETTER.

You should only open your heart up to those who you feel safe enough with. Only share your time, energy, love, and your very essence with someone who you trust. Don’t give your trust, your love, or your body to just anyone. Be cautious when sharing your innermost secrets and feelings, and BE PICKY who you become intimate with, and make sure that you trust that person with your heart first. Intimacy is something sacred, and you shouldn’t let anyone take advantage of you in any way.

Don’t let people walk all over you because they make empty promises. There are so many people in this world that will make those types of empty promises, tell you that they love you, and tell you what you need to hear so that you feel safe. But you need to make sure that you watch a person’s actions, and make sure that they’re aligned with their words. Don’t let yourself fall for someone who isn’t falling for you. Don’t be the next girl or guy who gets taken advantage of by someone who’s so selfish and toxic.

When you go into a new situation, be cautious. But never be afraid to fall in love. Despite being hurt once or even many times, you will get the love that you want and deserve in time. Just don’t close up your heart because someone has taken advantage of you. Love yourself enough to go into new situations with caution, but without fear. You need to keep an open heart and risk getting hurt, so that you’ll be able to fall in love when you do find that one special someone—who will deserve you and who you will deserve.

Recognize someone’s red flags early on, and never brush them under the rug or ignore a person’s issues. We all have issues and no one is perfect, but red flags are red flags and you need to address them early on, by not giving a situation a chance when you see them. You should only give promising situations a chance, and you should only let yourself develop feelings when you know that you’re on the same page and that you ultimately want the same things as the other person.

Don’t settle for someone who goes back on their word, who doesn’t keep promises, who lies, cheats, or acts wishy-washy and changes their mind about what they want or even whether or not they want you in their life. Don’t give just anyone a chance at being close to you on any level. Be cautious with your heart, and love yourself enough to develop deep feelings for someone who shows you who they are, and doesn’t merely talk the talk. 

Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s by being closed up or bringing your wounds from previous heartache into new situations. Love yourself enough to know your self worth and to let go of the pain that you’ve experienced. Let yourself heal and recover from any hurt that you’ve experienced. But eventually, you need to let go of that pain so that you can move on and find someone who will be worthy of your love, your trust, and all that you have to offer in life.

Last but not least, know that the person who hurt you didn’t deserve to have you in their life, and whether or not they learned from the pain or possible turbulence that they caused you in your life, and whether or not they even care or acknowledge your feelings, it’s irrelevant, because at the end of the day they have to live with themselves, their mistakes, and their sins. You only have to take responsibility for your own actions. So the next time that you sense that someone is taking advantage of you, take control of your life by not letting them walk all over you by staying or by giving them your trust, your time, your body, your love, or your very essence.

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