Turbulence in the United States 2016



Good morning Los Angeles and good morning USA! Did you wake up in a good mood? We need to remember that waking up in a good mood is essential, and something that we all have control over. Just as well, and in case you didn’t realize it, we can control how we feel throughout the day, and not just exclusively how we feel when we first wake up. There will always be different things that will weigh on our minds, consume our thoughts, as well as different things that might add to how stressed out we might get throughout our day. But what’s important to remember, is to be the best version of yourself that you can be, and not to let your worries and fears run the show for how your day, week, or even how your life plays out. Remember to be kind, and to only do and say things that will be routed from kindness and love. Don’t hate, bully, or cause harm to others, even if it’s out of having strong feelings and core beliefs. And yes, even if your presidential candidate didn’t win. 

Stay united. We’re a team, here in America. It’s one thing to have different views and opinions. But it’s another thing to bully and cause harm to our own people, or to anyone for that matter. Do you really want a revolution here in “The Land of the free?” What about all of the good that we’ve built, here in America! Don’t burn flags! Are you freaking serious! Those are your own American flags, for you to love, embrace, and stand proud with. They stand for so much and represent. And here in California, it’s even worse, and more ludicrous—in downtown Los Angeles, they were burning flags last night! You are the same people that promote clean breathing air, driving around in your hybrid Prius’ and now burning our flags, which produces toxic and unnecessary hazardous gases. Don’t burn our beautiful flags. How selfish and insensitive of Americans.

Embrace the good. So what! You didn’t get what you wanted… Just like anything else in life that might not go your way, come to terms with it. I would give the same advice to those that are in bad relationships and marriages. Remember to concentrate on the positives. Think of all of the positive things that we’ll have, as opposed to what we’ll be lacking. You want to see change? O.K., make some changes, but not by causing hate or violence to others. Be kind my friends. Even social media has become swamped with hate speeches and bullying. And for those that haven’t noticed, our friend lists throughout social media have likely changed and lessened recently, and many people that you considered “friends” were actually merely just “conditional” friends. Not that I truly feel as if social media friends are really “authentic friends” to begin with, but still. 

There seems to be a tremendous amount of turbulence and worry that’s spreading throughout the United States since this past election of 2016. My intention is not to write about politics, but more so, used as a reminder that we need to stay strong, work as a team, and stay united, despite which person that you voted for. We need to remember that being kind to others, being a good person, being the best version of yourself, and being a righteous and decent human being is what really matters. Spreading hate, promoting bullying, and being abusive through your words or your actions is only going to bring you down in life as a person. As well, it will cause stress, turbulence, and unhappiness to others around you.

Remember to stay positive, follow the light, and strive for enlightenment. We all have the power to choose good over evil. There will always be times when things are out of our control, out of our hands, and there’s only so much that we can do. Don’t cause turbulence and destruction in the world that you live in or spread unhappiness and hate, because it will only lead you to misery and unhappiness. We’ve worked so hard throughout our lives in attaining inner peace, spreading love, trying to stop the bullying, the racism, and prejudice, that now we need to remember why we did all of that to begin with. We need to stay focused in our journey and continue on our path towards being a good person, despite which candidate that you might’ve voted for, and despite if things went the way that you preferred for them to go.

If you’re an American, you’re an American, and that means that you need to stand tall, stay strong, and be resilient. And you still have the freedom to be who you are, and to believe what you want. Just remember, you can be who you want and believe what you want, but without having to force the world around you to feel the same way that you do, and without having to bully people or hate on others for not agreeing with you and your opinions when it comes to politics, or anything for that matter.

Everything that we do in life affects others around us. They say that “when you slam a door here, they hear it in China.” When people block off the freeway, riot in the streets, and cause turbulence, by trying to feel heard and get their point across, or even make a statement of some sort that they’re unhappy, they might not realize in that very moment of how they might be affecting others around them, or how selfish they might be acting. You might think that you’re making your point by blocking off the street or the freeway, even you think that you’re making your point, but there are other lives that you just might be affecting negatively by your actions, and even lives of those that you may know and care for. Whether you know someone personally or not, you’re supposed to “love thy neighbour,” and therefore you should care how you affect others around you, whether you know them personally, or not.

Someone might be trying to make their way through the traffic towards the hospital for an emergency. A woman might be going into labor, someone might be severely wounded, there might be a fire in a home and the fire truck can’t make its way through the traffic and commotion, or perhaps someone needs their medication and they’re trying to hurry home in order to get it or to get medicine to their family member who suffering, and laying in bed, but none of them can get through the traffic all because you wanted to prove your point.

Everything that we do in life affects others around us, and it’s imperative that we remember that before we do or say things in life, because we have the power to make the world a beautiful place or a truly sad and unfortunate place to live in. It’s one thing to have an opinion and to stand up for something that you believe in, and even with great passion, but it’s another thing to bully, harass, and cause turbulence, harm, and destruction to others, and to the world around you. Remember, ultimately, and despite who you voted for, we’re all on the same side. Be nice, be kind, have a good day filled with much light, love, and enlightenment. And don’t forget to smile. 

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