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Being a part of the LA social scene is something that many people from the Midwest and other places perhaps aren’t cut out for. I believe in being an authentic and genuine person. As well, I believe that people should embrace you for who you are as an individual, to love you for you, and not try to change you or like and be friends with you based on exterior things like wealth, good looks, and status.It’s unfortunate, but many people in Los Angeles are predominantly superficial, at least many people that are in the entertainment industry.

I’m obviously generalizing here quite a bit, because many people come from all over the world to live in Los Angeles. Therefore, a large part of Los Angeles is made up of authentic and real people. Having said that, the problem is that many of these people change over time by being in Los Angeles. A lot of people become more superficial by being around others that are superficial, and getting to experience and taste what luxury feels like in LA.

A lot of people never get to experience what it’s like to have money, to travel the world, and to be involved with the rich and famous of Hollywood. This is something that either people love about Los Angeles or hate about it. It’s not only the people that are in the entertainment industry that are predominantly fake, materialistic, and unstable when it comes to friendships. Well, it’s not only friendships in Los Angeles that are unstable either, because all relationships are somewhat more unstable than elsewhere.

Hollywood is famous for people viewing things as the grass is always greener. So if you can imagine people that live in Los Angeles that are also single, and using online dating sites with hopes to meet someone, yikes! Online dating sites promote a delusional mentality of the grass always being greener. You can imagine that people will swipe right and left for you so easily, knowing that there’s always someone prettier, hotter, richer, or just better all of the time. So combine the single, online dating world with the LA mentality, and it can be quite a challenge to date, let alone build genuine, lasting, and stable friendships.

The stability factor in Los Angeles is unfortunately heading towards a serious decline. The fact of the matter is, you can’t fall in love with money, luxury, or name brands. You can’t even fall in love with sexy high heels from Louis Vuitton. Being superficial is something that is a huge turn off to anyone and everyone that’s more of the real, genuine, and authentic type.

No one wants to have friends that are superficial. But unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot to choose from in Los Angeles. You can bounce around from this friendship to that friendship quite easily in LA, because people cancel, flake, and can’t commit to making plans with anyone, even within a 24 hour window. For those that are on Facebook, I’m sure that you’ve received many invites, and possibly on a daily basis. I’m sure that you’re also well aware that you, and likely everyone else doesn’t give a definite yes to any of those events that you’re invited to until the very last minute.

Think about it folks. Why must we be so afraid of commitment, fearing that something better will come along. Los Angeles is the worst when it comes to committing to something for the long-term. I’ve lived all over the United States, and I can honestly tell you that people are much more afraid to commit and settle down in Los Angeles than elsewhere. When it comes to building friendships in LA, it can be truly challenging for people that weren’t brought up together as young kids. Everyone’s in clicks and has their set friends where it can be hard to make new friends that are stable, and willing to include newcomers.

For me personally, this is why I’ve spent many Saturday nights alone, and by choice, because it’s always better to be happy, whole, and enjoy life on your own, rather than be with friends that are wishy-washy, hot and cold, or that peace out for no reason. Nothing is worse than having an unstable relationship. However, right next to a romantic relationship that’s on and off, and breaking up all of the time, having unstable friendships is pretty bad. I’d rather be alone than with the wrong person when it comes to romance. But, I’d also rather be alone than to be in friendships where I get close to people and embrace them with all of my heart, only to find out that they’ve left the friendship for no apparent reason.

Perhaps LA life isn’t for me. But, I must admit, I’ve definitely experienced some of the beauty that Los Angeles, California has to offer, so I have no plans on relocating. I suppose I should write a big list now talking about how amazing LA is. Especially, now that I’ve said the worst. Joking aside, I want to wish all of my loved one’s, family, friends, and even all of the haters out there that happen to be reading my blog a wonderful weekend ahead, and to all of my Jewish friends and family, wishing you a Shabbat Shalom.

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