Being Present, and Living in the Moment


One of the biggest issues that people have in relationships is that they’re not present, in the moment, or truly embracing what’s going on what’s being said while it’s happening. Instead, many times couples block out their partner, the voice, and what’s being said, and they do so for many different reasons. Sometimes, people tune out their partner, feeling as if they understood them already and even before they finished talking. Sometimes, they do so because they talk a lot, or maybe it’s because they have other things on their mind. As well, many times people are trying to think of what they’re going to say in response to the other person, while the other person is still talking.

It’s important to be fair in relationships and to give your partner your full attention as much as possible. Many times, people do things like talk on the phone, text, go on the Internet, or multitask by walking around and staying busy while their partner is talking. And they might even tell their partner that they’re listening to them talk, despite the fact that they keep moving around or doing something else at the same time. This is a truly bad approach in relationships, because you’re taking away a certain type of love that you should be giving to your partner. And with all honesty, I can tell you that this approach isn’t the way to go, and it needs to change.

Whatever you’re doing in life, you should do it fully, with your entire being, and your whole heart. You should give all of your love and attention to what you’re doing in the moment. Whether you’re talking to someone, or listening, giving your full attention is a must. Take this advice and put it into action, and do so, whether it’s in regards to your relationships, your business, or anything else that’s important to you. Things that are of importance to you must have your full and undivided attention if you want the best results.

You need to make everything that’s important to you in life a priority. You need to live in the moment, be present, and care about what you’re doing when you’re doing it, and to the fullest extent possible. No one should have to deal with a partner that says they’re listening to them, while their multitasking doing a million other little things. If you truly love and care about someone or something enough, you’ll make the time and give them your full attention when needed. No one enjoys feeling as if their partner is tuning them out, ignoring them, or not really listening or interested in what they have to say. People feel loved when they feel heard and when you make the time to listen.

Don’t get me wrong though, because some people act very needy and overly consuming and that will end up draining both people eventually, where no one gets anything done, and the relationship definitely won’t thrive, let alone be happy. Therefore, it’s important to know the difference, to be fair, and as long as no one is trying to dominate, control, or smother the other person by being overly needy, then you should try to be considerate of one another and give each other your full attention. And remember, we should all be living in the moment, and being present so that not only our partner feels heard, but so that our partner feels truly loved and adored.

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