Why We Should Appreciate What We Have – When We Have It



In life, and in relationships, it’s important to know what you want. As well, it’s important to know your worth, and not to accept or settle for less than what you want. Unfortunately, there are many people in the world that work hard to attain what they want, and no matter how big the goal that they’ve achieved, once they achieve it, they don’t want it anymore. Whether that goal is a success in business, or in attaining a person’s love and affection, they simply don’t appreciate it, nor want it, once they have it. Many times, after someone achieves their goal, they still want it, but they don’t take care of it, or treat it with the same love and passion, as they did before they attained it, and they either lose it or it simply deteriorates.

When it comes to relationships, when a person works so hard to get what they want, it’s important that they appreciate it, and not take it for granted after they achieve it. Again, it’s unfortunate that many people take others for granted when they have them in their life. Many times, people need to experience losing something that’s very dear to them, in order to appreciate what they had. It’s important to appreciate all of the beautiful gifts that we have in life, including our health, our friends, our family, as well as other people that come into our lives for whatever reason. 

As silly as it may sound, I can compare the appreciation that you must have for buying anything new like a car, to appreciating a partner in life. When you purchase something like a car, if you don’t take good care of it, it could break down and fall apart. A relationship is the same way, and if you don’t put effort and love towards people that are special to you, and appreciate them while you have them, frankly, you could mess it up, and lose them forever. When you have someone that’s so dear and special to you, it’s important to appreciate that person, and treat them as a gift in life. You should put out extra effort into showing appreciation for the mere fact that you have something so beautiful in your life while you have it, and not after you lose it, because many times, it will simply be too late. 

If you don’t show people that are in your life how much you care and appreciate them while they’re in it, they could go away, and they might find someone else that will appreciate them more than you did, and as I said, it will be too late. When someone has a taste of feeling appreciated and loved by someone, and especially, when they didn’t feel appreciated and loved by you, it will be very hard to get that love back. In life, we don’t always get second chances. Many times, all we get is one shot, and it’s important to put it all out there when the opportunity happens. We shouldn’t take things or people for granted in life. While we have them, we should be dedicated and smart enough to appreciate them, and be thankful for having them in our lives. 

The fact of the matter is, when someone doesn’t appreciate you and all of the love that you have to give, they simply don’t deserve you. If it takes someone to feel the loss of you in order to realize what they’ve lost, depending on how they go about trying to get you back, they could lose you forever. Having said that, sometimes people do deserve a second chance. Second chances in relationships shouldn’t be given to everyone. However, there are times when second chances in relationships are more than okay. It all depends upon a person’s intentions, and if they learn from the fact that they felt the loss from you to the point where they’ll never take you for granted again. Knowing this, it’s important to live your life in a more enlightened manner, where you appreciate what you have when you have it. 

It’s always important to think about the consequences before letting something so beautiful leave your life, and even more so when you’ve worked so hard to attain it. Love and appreciate what you have when you have it. Some people never get to experience such beautiful things in life such as love, and being loved. In other words, never take love for granted. When you work so hard to attain something in life, it’s important to follow through and work hard to maintain it. Getting what you want is only half of the battle. Maintaining it and keeping it is the other, and the more important half. Appreciate the people in your life by showing them love, kindness, respect, and generosity. Treat them as you hope to and deserve to be treated back in return.

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